In preparation for our conference this year, we are interviewing each speaker to get a more in-depth idea of who they are and what they’ll be presenting. Next up is Toni Puhle. Read on to get to know her better!

TABI: Which card would you describe yourself with and why?

That would be VII The Chariot, not because of any victorious intention, more for its embedded determination and control over the absurd – for my life can sometimes be quite illogical and getting on top of The Chariot helps in the daily drive (and herding of two boys). I am determined, driven and self-disciplined (unless Caramel Shortcake is around).

TABI: When, how and why have you started to use the Tarot?

I couldn’t pin point a time and a place as they were always around in my life together with Palmistry and Herbal Divination – a right royal mix of “stuff”. I lost my way a little in my teenage years and University life (had the best time though!) and my Tarot sat in the back of the cupboard, but it waited patiently for me and whilst working in Newcastle upon Tyne I started again with readings, Pendulum Dowsing, Mediumship, Feng Shui, Thai Chi and a whole bunch of stuff that I had left to crumble for a few years before getting back up and at it. In short, I learned as a kid (as do my boys now), moved to Uni and went crazy then calmed down and started again.

TABI: Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you! (Not that there would be anyone who doesn’t know you!)

Toni Puhle, BKRM™ Master Reader, Master Teacher, Author of The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper and Founder of the World Divination Association, I teach students around the world the art of card reading systems (Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy Cards, Classic Cartomancy, etc.). If you want to know about cards or reading systems and divination I am your girl. Mix this in with Marvel, Minecraft and Books then you have a pretty rounded picture of me!

It is of no surprise to those who follow me online that I am the biggest Guardians of the Galaxy fan and will challenge my nearest and dearest to a #gifoff on Facebook at every opportunity. I am also a Master Minecrafter, but sadly my kids have moved on to Fortnite and left me building pretty houses on my own.

Divination and Cartomancy have always been in my life, my family descends from the Irish Gypsies and we have had some colourful ladies in our family tree. I have learned from many teachers around the world and have researched and studied the traditional systems of Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards in England, France and now Germany. I live a stone’s throw from Munich where the first Kipper Deck was released and not far from the roots of the Game of Hope in Nuremberg. The last 10 years I have focused on Kipper Cards and how they have been read in Bavaria meeting amazing generational readers and families who pass down the art of reading Kipper.

I have two boys, Lloyd (10) and Nate (7), who are determined to ignore Kipper and be Lenormand readers, much to their mother’s annoyance. My husband, Jens, is from East Berlin and naturally grew up behind the wall, we have a colourful family mix!

All in all, I love to work hard, I am a “system tester” whereby I challenge the card systems daily and often to discover every nuance between the meanings and random fact – Friday is “Rick & Morty Day” in our household – every family member must wear a Rick & Morty shirt for the day – it’s the rules!

TABI: Please give a short summary of what you are going to teach us at TABI’s Conference in Birmingham.

The Kipper GT (all 36 card spread) is the most magnificent spread, and I am going to teach step by step techniques to nailing a Kipper GT. If you have never read Kipper before, have no fear, this workshop will leave you in no doubt that Kipper is the ruling party at the system table. We will all lay a GT (yes you too!) and I will walk through techniques whilst we interpret each step. You will be a proficient GT reader by the end of the session – is that even possible? Absolutely, most readers in the 19th century (and in Bavaria today) started by laying a 36 card spread! Learning the meanings of each card will then be your next step, but I will be sharing enough information for you to understand the Kipper System as a whole.

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