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Quirky Questions: A Big Move

Written by: Ste / The Tarot Cat

Do you have a problem you’d like help with?  Every month, Uncle Ste asks his cards a question from our readers, giving a unique insight into the root of your issue. Ste is a tarot reader, fully qualified counsellor, and also runs a LGBT helpline. All of these things inform how he works with the cards – his tarot readings are creative, fun, empowering and inclusive. He is a considerate and experienced person-centred reader who uses tarot as a kind of esoteric therapy, rather than as a future predictor.

Dear TarotCat,

I’ve been a stay at home mum for the past 4 years and later this year my family and I are planning an overseas move. I am more than ready to start working again and in the spirit of a fresh start I’m interested in an entirely new-to-me field of work. I feel called to end-of-life care and am interested in clinical massage therapy and was wondering if the cards have any insight as to if this is a worthwhile pursuit for me career wise?

Love, Kerry [name changed]

Wow Kerry, so many massive changes coming up for you! Moving country in itself is such a brave and exciting thing to do – but adding in a new career feels like such a bold and exciting move. It feels as if you really want to take advantage of this fresh start in life by making the whole experience as dynamic, challenging (in a good way) and fulfilling as possible. I feel nothing but positivity all over your message.

Before I pull a card, I want to just mention how you have the power of The Magician with you already; a skilful and commanding figure who is crafting his own fulfilment in life. He’s number one in the Major Arcana, representing a fresh start of a significant stage in life, with power and control.

Now…which card actually came up for you though?

From the Tarot of the Cat People deck, I drew The World.

Wow, do you want a quick answer? Then yes. Go for it. We don’t really do short answers on the TABI blog though, so let’s delve a bit deeper!

The World is number 21 in the Major Arcana, the final card in the sequence. In this deck, a floating figure covered head-to-toe in flowing robes balances on the ground by the tip of one foot. With a big smile on her face, she holds a glowing globe up on the tip of her finger and allows it’s white light to shine over her. It’s interesting that my gut told me to mention The Magician, and that I was compelled to mention him to you before I pulled any card over. I’ve never actually don’t that before without a card being present in reading, but having The World in front me now, this makes a lot of sense. The Magician is the power you’re harnessing, and what you will be tapping into once you get to your destination country. The World is where you are right now.

When we come to the end of a suit in tarot, we begin again as a number one, fresh and renewed. The World (21) becomes The Magician (1) (some people feel that The Fool is the first card, but not me….however, that’s a long story!) You have come to a natural completion in your current country. It feels as if you are leaving with sadness, yet with a recognition that it was a fulfilling move for you which has simply run its course.

Quite literally, I can see you staring at maps a lot at the moment. Even though you know where you’re going (obviously!), there’s something about looking at your destination’s place in the world – its distance and perspective on the map – that’s really creating positive excitement (when you allow it to!). It feels as if the anxiety that usually comes with emigrating just isn’t so overwhelming for you, and I’m glad. Go with that flow. You feel that for a reason, and that’s because it’s a good move. I can see you finding it hard to resist spinning an actual globe from time to time, looking at your destination, and thinking, ‘I’m doing this, wow!’ Check out The World card from the Tarot of the Cat People online – the figure in the card has such a beautiful facial expression.

Your idea of going into clinical massage therapy is a well considered, sensible and potentially fulfilling choice for you. I’m unsure from your message if you are considering going into end-of-life care in general, or just clinical massage therapy, or a blend of the two (IE massage for people reaching the end of their lives)? I’m fairly sure that it’s a blend of the two, but whichever way you go down this path, it’s a wise and gives me lovely vibes (bordering on goosebumps). How fulfilling, and dare I say, a brave and beautiful career choice.

It’s not often that I do a reading that doesn’t come with some gentle warnings about pitfalls, but what the hell, I honestly don’t have any. Get stuck into investigating this new career path – and go for it!

Would love to hear your view of this situation in the comments, and if you’d like to contact me directly, visit me at the Tarot Cat Website.

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