Some of you might remember Mickey Querent. A few years ago, we sent TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword to find out more about Tarot and Astrology. What he discovered is quite extraordinary, so we considered it worthy of republication…

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My recent conversations with Mickey Querent about Mercury and Venus were still on my mind. I’d even started drawing geometric diagrams. When I found myself trying to remember some of the trigonometry I’d learnt in school I knew that I was in trouble.

So I gave the man a phone call and arranged to meet up the following evening in a Pub in North London. He was at the bar when I arrived and he looked pleased to see me.

“What would you like?” he asked before I could say anything.

“Thanks Mickey. Grapefruit juice and lemonade please.”

“Still living on the edge then?” We both laughed. Mickey seemed to be in a great mood.

“I need to keep a clear head,” I said, “I want to try to get on top of some of this Astrology stuff. How did your talk with that astrology group go?”

“Oh it went really well thanks. A lot of Tarot readers seem to be ready to take a look at how Astrology can help ’em with their readings. You know, timing and all that.”

I didn’t really want to get too deeply into that yet. I was still getting to know a bit about the planets so I found us a little table and got straight to the point.

“Listen Mickey, I’ve been thinking about what you were saying about Mercury and Venus.”

He took a sip from his Guinness and nodded, tuning in a bit more.

“Well, you know you said that Mercury can only be at most one sign away from your Sun-sign.”

“Yeah,” said Mickey a little warily, turning it into a two-syllabled word.

“That means that for each Sun-sign there are three possible Mercury-signs. In other words instead of 12 basic types we’ve now got 36 Sun/Mercury combinations!”

I felt very proud of myself and Mickey was delighted.

“Go on my son! Now you’re starting to talk like an astrologer.”

“Hang on, I haven’t finished yet. And for each Sun/Mercury combo there’s 5 possible Venus signs right?”

“Yeah…” It was now a three-syllabled word.

“Well that means that you could use Astrology to classify people into 180 different personality types just by using the Sun, Mercury and Venus!”

Mickey went quiet. He looked upwards and seemed to be doing some quick calculations in his head. Then he smiled, looked at me, threw his head back and shouted, “One hundred and EIGHT-y!”

A couple of people turned round to look at us but we were too busy laughing to care really.

Then, struggling to keep a straight face for a moment, he managed to say, “Would make a bloody big Astrology column in the paper though, wouldn’t it? Take up three pages!”

It took us a minute to calm down.

Then I asked him the question that had been on my mind for a while, “What about Mars?”

“Mars can be anywhere in the Zodiac in relation to the Sun,” said Mickey quickly.

“Yeah I get that. But let me explain. Supposing we were living on Mars. Then for us, the Earth would be limited as to how far away from the Sun it could be, wouldn’t it?”

Mickey looked at me. He seemed to be checking my eyes.

“Are you high on drugs?” he asked only half-jokingly. “Actually you’re right. I never thought about that before.”

He went quiet and looked at the floor as though he was studying it very carefully. Then he said, “You know I vaguely remember something along the lines of, ‘Mars is to the Earth as the Earth is to Venus.’ That would mean the Earth would have a maximum angular elongation of about 50 degrees as seen from Mars.”

“But you need to talk to an astronomer. That guitarist from Queen would know, he’s a proper astrophysics geezer.”

“Yep. Dr. Brian May,” I said authoritatively. I made a note to speak to friend of mine who’d studied physics at University. Then I asked Mickey another question that had been on my mind.

“What about the really slow moving planets like Neptune and Pluto? I mean theoretically they could be anywhere in the Zodiac but there’s a limit for people walking around today isn’t there?”

Mickey smiled and looked pleased with my question. “You’ve really come a long way haven’t you? Yes. Spot on.” He frowned for a split-second and his eyes flashed before he said, “And don’t listen to them people who’re trying to tell you that Pluto isn’t a planet. That’s got nothing to do with Astrology, alright? Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Don’t upset him. As far as I’m concerned Pluto is a planet in everyone’s birth chart… at the moment, anyone born with planets in Capricorn will tell you the same thing, believe me!”

He seemed to gather himself in and took another swig of Guinness. His voice was much calmer now and he said, “Sorry mate, what were you saying?”

I cleared my throat, “Well you know, although in theory Pluto could be anywhere in the Zodiac in your birth-chart, in reality there’ll be some Pluto-signs that you’ll never meet in real life.”

“That’s right. Pluto takes over 240 years to go through the Zodiac and he’s currently towards the middle of Capricorn. Now Capricorn rules structure and organisation. Think about all the institutions that have hit big trouble recently: the banks, parliament, the BBC…” He paused and I jumped in.

“Who do you think it’ll be next Mickey?”

He gave a wry smile. “Can we leave that for another time? I have to be on my way soon and I’d like to finish off answering your other question.”

“Tarot reading is it?” I asked innocently.

He laughed and blanked me out, “So in 2015, you’re never going to meet anyone with Pluto in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries or Taurus either. No-one’s that old, not even Betty White. My uncle lived be over 100 and he had Pluto in Gemini!”

I said, “So is there any point in thinking for example about what Pluto in Aries might mean?”

“Oh yeah!” Mickey said earnestly. “Definitely. Astrology’s not just about people’s birth charts is it? Businesses, cities and even countries have their own horoscopes from when they were founded or when there was a new constitution. People get really into that. You know, the chart of the United Kingdom, the chart of New York City, the chart of Notts. County Football Club… anything really.”

He glugged down the rest of his pint. “I have to go. Nice to meet up again. Give us a call next time you fancy having a chat.” And he got up and dashed off.

“Cheers Mickey!” I shouted after him as he disappeared, obviously in a hurry to get to his next Tarot reading.

Article by Mick Frankel

Originally posted: 26th June 2015

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