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Do you have a problem you’d like help with?  Every month, Uncle Ste asks his cards a question from our readers, giving a unique insight into the root of your issue. Ste is a tarot reader, fully qualified counsellor, and also runs a LGBT+ helpline. All of these things inform how he works with the cards – his tarot readings are creative, fun, empowering and inclusive. He is a considerate and experienced person-centred reader who uses tarot as a kind of esoteric therapy, rather than as a future predictor.

Dear TarotCat

It would be great to get guidance on my career. I work full time and also am specialised in other areas but have taken a step back at the moment. It would be interesting to see what comes out!

Dear Sarah,


For your reading I drew one card from the beautiful Anieth Nature Tarot for guidance. The card I drew was the Seven of Blades (Swords).

As soon as I pulled this card out of the deck and glanced at the seven Mute Swans featured in the card, my eyes were instantly drawn to one particular swan who is flying the highest in the pack. Although six of the swans are flying to the left of the card, which indicates a movement towards the past, the swan at the top of the card turns away from the rest of them, and appears to be making a u-turn, preparing to fly to the right – the future. You mentioned in your message that you’ve ‘taken a step back’ with regards to your career – I’m not sure if that means you’ve taken on a role that feels like a step down, if you’ve taken time out, or if you’ve simply taken a step back mentally to view the situation more clearly, but whichever way it is in, it seems to be reflected clearly in this rebel swan, taking its own path. I wonder if there’s something about the culture in your current line of work that has become quite off-putting for you. It doesn’t feel like a bad atmosphere to me by any means, but it does feel stifling, as if there are very set ways of doing things and there’s just so little room for your own ideas to be nurtured that it’s becoming a little, dare I say, boring and unchallenging?

Blades (usually Swords) are the suit of the mind, the head, and the intellect, and the Seven of Swords is often a tricky one! Sevens can be quite a confusing number at times. I suppose to the tarot numbers they’re a little bit like Thursdays are to us in a typical working week; the end of a sequence is in sight, but it’s not yet close enough – there are feelings of excitement of new possibilities, and yet also frustration at stagnation in the air. Confusion comes with the number seven at times, so although your question seems a little on the confused side, I reckon that you at least know what you don’t want to do – you don’t want to follow the crowd any more. You want to be able to think for yourself, and to put at least some of those ideas into action.


My feeling is that you’re practical and you don’t have unrealistic expectations here – you know that most jobs have their dire sides, but you need to be able to use your brains a lot more than you’re able to right now. It may be that in your field you just feel that people aren’t quite as curious and creative as they could be (or used to be?), and the culture is sometimes one of people being stuck in their ways, and you want so much more. The Seven of Blades indicates that going solo completely and starting your own business (like the rebel swan in the image) is where your intellect and skills will be best rewarded. However, there’s something about that that isn’t quite appealing to you right now, although it’s perhaps the long term goal?

There are other options here too. Have you been considering taking a pay cut to get involved with an organisation/business who have something a bit more modern and exciting about them, who could benefit from your specialisations and experience? This feels like a positive vibe too. Have you had your eye on anyone like that, and have you thought about approaching them Sarah? And if not, I think it’s worth opening your eyes out for. It feels like both your current full time experience and your past specialisations could be useful to you for this future opportunity. Remember, the pack of swans are flying towards the left, representing the past, the old ideas – your swan wants to break away and fly into the future, and I wish you the best of luck. I have the feeling that you are going to have a light bulb moment with this very soon!

Good luck with whatever direction you decide to take Sarah – and thanks again for getting in touch!

Ste (The Tarot Cat)


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