Creative Spreads

The Wheel Tarot Spread


Magenta takes us through another creative tarot spread which offers a fresh approach in identifying our choices and trends in any given situation.




The spread for this month is called The Wheel and is good for a specific question a querent might have.

Like many spreads, the cards are laid in a spiral, starting with the Situation or Heart card in the middle and expanding round and outward like a Wheel turning. The Wheel spread uses 11 cards in all, the first 10 laid face upwards and then the final 11th card laid face down to be read at the end and like all spreads, additional cards could be drawn for clarification.


The Card positions are as follows:

Card 1 – The Heart of the Situation
Card 2 – The Crossing or Obstacles (laid crossways over Card 1 like the centre of the Celtic Cross spread)
Card 3 – The Foundation of the Situation
Card 4 – Recent Events
Card 5 – What you think about the Situation
Card 6 – Possible Trends
Card 7 – Possible Choices Ahead
Card 8 – What may need to change
Card 9 – What you many need to learn
Card 10 – Where you would like the situation to go
Card 11 – Final message, advice or guidance



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