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Review: Gummy Bear Tarot


Julie takes us on a sugary adventure with her review of the Gummy Bear Tarot by Dietmar Bittrich. Juli is a member of TABI who keeps us interested with her unusual interests such as collecting dolls to become her tarot-reading assistants! 

A Sweet little deck.

I had to buy the Gummy Bear Tarot deck it’s frivolous, childish and yet kind of brilliant at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I really don’t recommend you get this one out for your first professional reading but I do think it could be a valid little deck for your own use. In my case, it seems rather fitting that I might play around with this one, after all, I spend most of my time eyeing up jelly sweets. Of course, my chat up lines are very successful but sadly I’ve yet to have a relationship that ends well. It’s hard to imagine how an innocent piece of candy can face instant death and then a quick reincarnation as another inch of fat on my thigh.

some of the less happy gummy bears

But you never know perhaps the Gummy bear tarot could enlighten me as to why.

My deck arrived via that great auction site eBay, like most I’m used to decks arriving in a box but this one came in a tin. I’m all for a wipe clean surface as it makes this the deck you’d reach for when having a chocolate interlude. In my humble opinion, it’s a cute idea and the simple illustrations are brightly coloured and fun

There’s a small booklet included it’s nothing special and if you are expecting to find something on the scale of Stephen Kings latest novel you’ll be disappointed. Its a reasonably priced deck and considering that I think that I have something along the lines of what is expected for the price. There are brief, if quite funny, explanations of the cards in the booklet and you won’t need too much knowledge to decipher the meanings of each card.

The deck itself is average in terms of card stock being very similar in quality to a deck of playing cards. The designs are minimal and some have a strange dark quality, among my favourite is the depiction of The tower where two bears are seen falling from a burning building. I can’t help but
wonder if they’re falling into someone’s mouth but either way there’s no mistaking it for one of the more light-hearted cards.

The Fool happily waddling off his cliff

Returning to the booklet I’m struck by an interesting piece of text “ a thieving little bear carries 7 swords away from a camp” no prizes for guessing which card this is referring to but the bear in questions a strawberry flavoured cutie and I reckon he’s only borrowing the swords. I’m starting to realise that if your looking for a deck that see’s everything with a rose tint them the Gummy Bear tarot might be the deck your looking for. When I see the nine of wands I think of oranges and chocolate, I’ve now forgotten the traditional meaning of the card. Besides, all I see is a little citrus fellow stirring a huge cup of something that could end up as liquorice. The two of Pentacles shows a lime green bruin who seems to be performing a great Tommy Cooper impression.

all presented in a neat little tinWRI

There really isn’t too much to dislike about this deck and I’m glad I purchased it, as previously stated it isn’t really a deck for the more serious readings but I do feel that it provides a lighthearted and rewarding outlet for those people who may feel a little apprehensive about the more traditional decks.

We live in a world where anything possible and the Gummy Bear deck proves it. So now I’m holding my breath with excited trepidation, it’s not so far fetched to have the tarot of cheese, is it?

The Gummy Bear tarot is created by Dietmar Bittrich and published by U.S Games in 2005. It can be readily found on all the usual tarot deck hunting grounds. 

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