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Cartomancy: Reading the Hearts

Melanie has used the tarot for many years but recently discovered and developed a love for all things Cartomancy. Here she shares her exploration of this Art with us in monthly instalments.

This month is where we begin looking into each of the playing cards individually. Firstly we will look at the suit of hearts, followed by another suit each month to build a better foundation for familiarising ourselves with the meaning of the cards and weaving them together to form readings. The hearts correspond to the suit of cups in the tarot in their essence. They deal with the emotional side of life, which is nice and easy to remember with the heart symbol.

Ace of Hearts

The aces as the first of the suits represent the point before taking the first step. Potentiality, a new start or even the desire for the new start. It is also the purity of its suit, the essence which may be enjoyed as it is. The Ace of hearts then can be viewed as a new love interest appearing on the scene, pure emotional empathy for others or it can represent the hearth of home, with the essence of the peace and calm found there.

Two of Hearts

Here two hearts face each other, I find this card easy to remember as I can imagine the loving interaction going on between the two. This is an emotional exchange, a relationship or loving support. It can also symbolise the receipt happy of news from someone which sparks an emotional reaction.

Three of Hearts

The three represents growth and something blooming, a relationship reaching another level and moving forwards. There is also a sense of creativity from the three of hearts, putting your emotions into something and creating something from that energy.

Four of Hearts

This card represents emotional stability, as the fours very often deal with issues surrounding support. For me, the four hearts very nicely illustrate balance, having whatever issue laid over it evenly supported by the corners. It can represent bringing balance back to an ailing friendship or relationship and even sometimes sex.

Five of Hearts

The five and six of hearts are two sides of a single essence, a ying and yang relationship. The five represents feminine energy, tenderness and truthfulness of emotion. If this card appears, it speaks of doing the right thing in a situation and laying things out in the open.

Six of Hearts

The six is the masculine side and physical action which balances the emotion of the five of this suit. This shows protectiveness, the feeling of giving security and accepting reliance as well as courage and gallantry. Remember these are stereotypically masculine traits but both the energies of the five and six can exist in anyone, I simply use these ideas to more easily give a character to the cards to improve recall when learnings the meanings.

Seven of Hearts

Seven is usually associated with luck, with the hearts being traditionally a positive suit this is a great card! It can simply relate to a happy surprise, some good luck. There may also be a good opportunity to have another go at something, the chance to re-do something again and improve it.

Eight of Hearts

Mutual feelings and understanding is the crux of this card, peaceful emotional exchanges from both sides. Sharing and working together happily in a group or a team, or even as a family.

Nine of Hearts

This is best remembered as the wish card. It is the stage of dreams and aspirations, being close to fulfillment and imagining what awaits, wishing to reach completion. That stage before fulfillment where we imagine what that will be, is just as important a step, as this gives us the focus and determination to keep hoping through the tougher times.

Ten of Hearts

Emotional fulfillment is the essence of this card, a positive outcome. It can signify the happiness gained after a journey or overcoming difficulties, a positive and loving place which has been reached as a destination rather than just appearing.

Jack of Hearts

A close friend can be found in the jack of hearts, an emotional and sensitive person. They are not necessarily emotionally mature or secure themselves, but they are innately creative nature which can cause them to feel things very deeply. They are very good natured and can be relied upon.

Queen of Hearts

This represents a mothering nature, a woman who is often deeply caring and looks out for her close friends and family who mean a lot to her. Like the jack she is emotional and sensitive, feelings things deeply though she has a maturity which allows her to understand and channel this more constructively.

King of Hearts

Typically imagined as a family man, with similar traits to the queen though he expresses his emotional side as more of a protective father figure who is in touch with his emotions. There can sometimes be clashes between sensitivity and a protective side, as the king feel things deeply but can often portray a more moody character if he is unable to express his emotions as freely as the queen.

I hope this overview of the hearts has been useful and gives you enough of a basis to start exploring reading with the playing cards. The meanings themselves are quite open and should allow you to hone in on the essences of each card whilst being able to work cards together to feel the overall theme of a reading, with each card offering part of the overall narrative. Intuition is as much a part of cartomancy as the tarot, so give it a try and see what jumps out at you!

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