Written By: ClaraZ

Clara would describe herself as an “aspiring” tarot reader who is passionate about helping people unearth answers to their life questions. In a good life position, Clara is devoting herself entirely to her quest to gain more tarot wisdom. Here, Clara interviews her deck with a “Refreshed By the Fountain” spread.

The Fountain Tarot with its stark imagery.

I recently received my new deck, The Fountain Tarot and the early relationship bodes well. When I first opened the pack, the dearth of elaborate symbolism I had been used to in other decks took me aback. I was faced with a fairly stark set of cards whose relatively spare images and muted colours might, it seemed, put them beyond my reach. With trepidation, I conducted an “interview” spread with the deck and was heartened to discover that far from being uncommunicative, The Fountain Tarot merely puts its message across in a different way — a bubbling up from the deep, so to speak, rather than the gushing stream of more ebullient decks. In practise, the understated but powerful watercolour images so inspired me I have all but left the accompanying Little White Book untouched!

What is your most important characteristic? – Two of Swords
I am a new challenge. You will need to look to your inner guiding light for my deepest insights, and analyse questions from both sides of a situation to create measured responses. I am not fluffy — some of my images may seem cold and aloof, but that may allow you to use your intellect and inner wisdom in innovative ways, to stand above the deep sea of your own emotions and find objective answers for your querents.

What is your greatest strength? – Page of Coins
I have a lovely, fresh energy bringing you the incentive to explore, work hard and find your own nuggets of gold without the help of a book. My images give a new perspective beyond Rider-Waite-Smith and Thoth-based decks. It is a clean, modern and grounded energy radiating health and abundance, and encouraging serious study through fresh eyes. I am a spring meadow where you can roam unfettered and find your own truths.

Your limits? – The Fool
You must bring a childlike and inquiring vitality to this deck in order to fulfill its maximum potential. I cannot help the soul that is held back by old perceptions of what Tarot images are supposed to mean. You have to use your mental agility to navigate my terrain and leap over the chasms of outworn thinking. Fear of my minimalist landscapes will hold you back; the desire to explore them is the only way to see their vast possibilities.

What are you here to teach me? – Eight of Coins
I am here to take you from apprenticeship to mastery of your craft. You have been practising and honing your skills for some time…and sometimes your progress has seemed to plateau for long periods. You have repeatedly built structures, only to see them crumble again. Your training tools became buckled and weak from overuse. I am a new set of tools to enable you to fine tune the elements of your art.

How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? – King of Swords
I can guide you to be the reader you are meant to be. My leadership will allow you finally to take control of your readings. I will not confuse you with images that seem romantic or whimsical to you. Connect with your higher self while using me and I will add all the colours and shades you need. I will channel the spectrum of interpretations directly and straightforwardly so you can filter delivery of their message through your prism of sensitivity and empathy.

Potential outcome? – Knight of Swords
You will develop the analytical agility to read with confidence and gusto. You will be able to rise above emotional attachment during readings in order to retain your energy, rather than being sapped by the process. You will provide a bridge to allow others to view answers to their pressing life questions from new perspectives. This deck is your invitation to forge ahead in your Tarot journey, and an opportunity to offer people the clarity they seek.

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