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Spread of the Month: Mad March Hare

Spread of the Month: The Mad March Hare Spread

By Juliet Skillern, known on the Forum as Jooles

March is the month when, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, Winter gives way to Spring and daylight-saving time commences. With the arrival of the Spring equinox, as darkness gives way to light, comes a time of renewal and rebirth. There is an intuitive need for many of us to deep clean our lives and discard anything that no longer serves us – not only on a material level, but also on a spiritual level. By a shedding off of the old, we make room for the new.

As the days start becoming longer and warmer, many other animal species are also preparing for new growth and starting to get their frisk on! Hares, with their close association with fertility, can be observed around this time engaging in a traditional mating ritual when, usually as a result of the male being a little too persistent, the female stops running and turns to fight. The ensuing ‘boxing match’ gives rise to the term ‘Mad March Hare,’ and this was the inspiration for my Spread of the Month.

I am using my trimmed and much-loved Druid Craft Tarot deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm.

Mad March Hare Spread
The card positions are:
1. The heart of Option 1.
2. The heart of Option 2.
3. The main argument for Option 1.
4. The main argument for Option 2.
5. The best available outcome if Option 1 were chosen.
6. The best available outcome if Option 2 were chosen.
7. The overriding deciding factor.

This is a Tarot spread for when there is something in your life which is persisting that you no longer feel is still viable or appropriate for you. You may feel the need to rid yourself finally of a bad habit or an attitude or belief that is holding you back. It may also be used if you are looking to change an issue related to a relationship or your career, but are battling internally over the best course of action.

For example, you may want to eat more healthily – you know it is time but you just can’t seem to get the motivation to start. Option 1 could then simply be ‘to carry on as usual.’ Option 2 would be ‘to change.’ Using the above Tarot spread, getting to the heart of why you have not yet implemented change, as in Option 1, and why you are considering change, as in Option 2, may provide the kickstart you need; and you may be surprised at the answers.

While this spread was designed with two known options in mind; if there are more than two, it can identify which are the main contenders.

As an example of how this could work, I use the situation of career change. You may feel your options are: to stay and not do anything, to look for another similar job with another company, to try and move within your existing company, or to start again and study something completely different! By using the Mad March Hare Spread the main two options available will reveal themselves – or maybe even one you hadn’t considered at all.

To use the spread in this way, I would keep in mind those four options and then ask the Tarot, “What are my two most feasible options in relation to my career moving forward?” I would draw two cards and they would become my Option 1 and Option 2 – the cards may include the options I was already considering, or they may bring up options I hadn’t even thought about. Either way, I would then ignore all other options not described by the two cards drawn and continue with the spread.

With either approach, you can keep adding cards for ‘arguments’ 3 and 4 for as long as you want.

I hope this spread may come in useful for anyone who wants to go forward into Spring a little bit lighter…

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