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Spread of the Month: The Summer Solstice Spread

Spread of the Month: The Summer Solstice Spread

By Margo Benson, known on the Forum as Treewitch

The Summer Solstice is the moment the sun reaches its peak giving us the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is a time to celebrate the manifestation of our achievements and fulfil our wishes. As the cosmic wheel turns, we store this abundant energy within ourselves in preparation for the seasons to follow.

At the time of writing, the UK is still in government-advised lockdown, and many of us will not be able to experience the Solstice at the various sacred sites around the country usually brimming with joyous crowds. Instead we can improvise! In many traditions, people gather at dusk on Midsummer Eve and process in a circular fashion (representing a wheel) to a point to watch the sunrise. Fires are lit and become the focus of healing and of making wishes. In your home or garden, maybe set up an altar for this festival using colours you associate with Midsummer. I have some brightly-coloured scarves in reds and oranges and add some solar sparkle with orange quartz crystals, but choices and ideas are endless. If you can, maybe carry a candle on your own procession, thinking about what may be coming to fruition for you, and which dreams and wishes you’d like to carry with you to the inner realms. I also place a favourite Wheel of Fortune card in a prominent position – all in-keeping with the energy of the cycles of life.

The spread I’ve created for this year’s Solstice can also be a guide into a meditation. The messages will show where this glorious fire energy appears in our lives, and how we can harvest it, nurture it and utilise it in the coming months.

The astronomical time of the 2020 Summer Solstice for the UK is 20th June at 22:43.

The spread is designed to be used with various divination systems: Tarot, oracle cards, runes, charms, or whatever you enjoy working with.

Wishing you bright Solstice blessings!

Card 1: What in my life has reached its peak?
(Are projects or ideas reaching a conclusion? Is this a natural zenith, or one I can conclude on my own terms?)

Card 2: How is this manifested?
(Is this a physical or outward energy, or has something completed and changed on an inner level?)

Card 3: How can I continue to use the strength of this and the sun to flourish in my endeavours?
(Can the cards show me insights and ideas where I can soar?)

Card 4: Where in my life can this fire energy keep me motivated as the wheel turns?
(Which area of my life could do with a boost of this solar energy?)

Card 5: Which dream shall I take with me to nurture as I retreat to the inner planes?
(What idea, project or feeling can I incubate and encourage as I head into the darker time of the year?)

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