Interview with Juli

What first drew you to Tarot?

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and received a Rider Waite deck for Christmas many moons ago. As often happens I gave a few awkward readings to friends and then cast the cards aside. My interest was revived a bit later when I saw the Goddess Tarot in a book shop, at the time there wasn’t a great deal of variety in decks and I loved the artwork.

What is your favourite deck right now?

That’s a difficult question given that there are now so many decks out there, but if I had to pick one, I think it would be the Everyday Witch Tarot. I love the design and find that the cards speak to me in great detail – they are great for intuitive readings. My most frivolous deck has to be the Gummy Bear Tarot – it’s lovely to look at, though I don’t use it in readings.

Tell us about a card that means something special to you.

It has to be The Moon. For me, the card invokes a feeling of entering a lovely garden at night – where you can smell the roses but can’t see them. The card represents a magical time when many things are unseen and anything can happen. When I get a new deck The Moon is always the card I have to see first. After all, most people love a New Moon don’t they?

What is your favourite, or go-to spread?

It’s quite simply a line of cards. I find it so easy to ascertain a time scale and it’s a great way to let the cards tell a story, too. A simple line spread really comes into its own with a new deck; I use it to see how easily I can pick up a story with them. It’s often make-or-break, and surprising too as sometimes the blandest decks can speak the loudest.

How do you think Tarot works best?

I would have to say, on impulse. If a certain deck pops into your mind then that’s the time to get it out and connect with it. Bonding with a deck really sets the scene for some great readings no matter where you are or who you’re with. I feel strongly that the more you use a deck, the greater the wisdom it gives. My oldest Rider Waite is starting to look careworn, and I love it because this is the time that your deck becomes part of you and you share so many memories together.

Why did you decide to become a Free Reader for TABI?

I thought that they were offering a valuable service and wanted to be part of it. I love the ethics of the organisation and I truly believe that tarot reading have a place in today’s world. Most of us live such complex lives and a reading can often help to make sense of a situation and help a person to see a way forward. It doesn’t take long to complete a free reading yet it can represent a valuable lifeline to someone who needs guidance or reassurance.

What do you like best about giving Tarot readings?

It has to be the feedback. I love to know how well it resonated with the querent. Often the cards might say something that I don’t really understand, so I can only guess at the meanings. It’s the best feeling in the world when I hear from someone who tells me how they could instantly make sense of their reading. Often they might reveal a really interesting back story to their life and nothing can compare to the surprise and realisation that the reading was far more accurate than I’d hoped for.

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