In recognition of TABI’s 20th anniversary this year, we have asked some of the earliest members of TABI to share some of the history of the organisation’s founding, as well as their personal memories, observations, and thoughts about the future of TABI. This is the fourth post in the series. Click here for Part One.

Interview with Mick Frankel

What was your role in TABI’s beginnings?

Around 2000, I saw an advert in Wave magazine saying something like, “Would you like to play a part in shaping the future of Tarot in the UK? Join TABI…”

I thought that sounded like my kind of thing so I joined. Ribbitcat and Diana and I think Ania were all involved in the organisation.

What is most memorable to you about the early days of TABI?

Taking part in a Tarot day where I gave a workshop on Tarot and Astrology. That was really good for my confidence and was maybe the pre-cursor to the TABI Conferences.

If you were to choose three Tarot cards representing TABI’s past, present, and future, what would they be?

Past: Two of Wands
Starting this superb organisation took vision, strength and courage

Present: V The Hierophant
TABI is now established and looked up to

Future: XXI The World
TABI can achieve even greater international recognition with more and more active members not just in the UK but all over the world

What are the biggest changes to TABI since its founding? How does it compare with what you envisioned when you started?

More members, especially a thriving international membership. A professionally run website and an established and respected endorsement process and free reading service.

What are your hopes for TABI over the next decade?

To continue to try to maintain standards in an otherwise largely unregulated sector. I’d like to see more members becoming TABI mentors.

To have more real-life meet-ups and conferences where we can all learn together and have a good laugh.

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