Insight Tarot, created by Stanislav Reshetnikov & designed by Danielle D. Farmer

Reviewed by Treewitch

Published by Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit (Schiffer 2020)
 RRP £30.99
 ISBN 978-0-7643-6002-2 

Insight Tarot is one of the most luxurious decks I’ve ever had the pleasure to review and work with. It’s a whopper of a package too! The substantial and sturdy white box opens with a magnetic clasp and houses the 176 page full-colour guidebook and 79 card deck nestled below.

Insight Tarot box and book

The cards themselves are of a fine quality card stock and are pretty large, measuring 13.3cm x 8cm. They’re deliciously glossy with denim-blue backs and gilded edges that gleam like a mirror. I’ve included a couple of stones in the picture to show just how phenomenal the golden shine is.

Insight Tarot gilded edges

The creator, Stanislav Reshetnikov was born and lives in Moscow, Russia. From an illustrious background in pharmacology and pharmaceutical marketing, he shifted his focus to psychology and related subjects, in particular the Jungian school. Along with psychology, Reshetnikov became skilled in the tarot, creating his own course and seminars. There is a moving account of his own dark night of the soul experience and subsequent healing, and the creation of Insight Tarot, on the Red Feather website (

The fully illustrated Majors are appealing, contemporary designs, with a slightly vintage feel due to the understated colouration. The images are original and very clear to read, and follow the Rider-Waite-Smith numbering and titles. There is an extra card, The White Card, which can be used in several different ways. Examples include – reinforcing the messages of the surrounding cards; a realisation of a new path, and acting as a catalyst or even a switch of energy and impact in a reading.

Insight Tarot Fool, Empress, White Card, Chariot and Hermit

The Minor Arcana is colour-themed, and rendered in what I’ve nick-named Pips Plus. The simplicity of the suit symbols are given just a hint of story for the reader to ruminate on. I read a lot with pip decks and absolutely love these minors! If you’re a reader who likes fully-illustrated minors, then these may be a little on the sparse side for you, but if you want to try dipping a toe into near non-illustrated minors, then I think you’ll enjoy these.

Insight Tarot 6 of Wands, 2 of Cups, 3 of Swords and 4 of Pentacles

The Three of Swords is a great example of an additional ‘something’ in a pip card. The swords slice through the stem of a flower, which could highlight a point along the path where the seeker (and others) may be within their heartache or loss. Nearer the root….or in full bloom? No two people will grieve at the same level, for instance. A simple but profound image.

The Pentacle suit is where I have a major issue with the deck. The yellow-gold discs are adorned with a crown motif, which would be fine if the suit was titled ‘Coins’. There isn’t one Pentacle in the whole suit, which (to me) makes a significant difference to the energies and archetypes therein. I feel this is something which should have been picked up at a draft stage of development, and just takes the smallest edge of what is otherwise a glorious deck.

The Courts follow the pared-back flavour of the Minors and are finely expressed with charming faces. They follow the familiar Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Insight Tarot Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles

The guidebook takes a thorough journey through the cards with meanings and interpretations for both upright and reversed positions. There are also philosophical and existential questions posed in line with the creator’s Jungian approach to the tarot. These are aids for those who like to delve into The Self and other aspects of humanity using the archetypes in the cards.

The Pentacle niggle aside, I took to Insight Tarot very quickly. It is visually stunning, suitable for all levels of readers and a dream to work with.

Insight Tarot Tower, High Priestess, Hierophant, Magician and Moon
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