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Shout Out: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burle

Welcome to the second in a series of posts by TABI’s volunteer Panel. Each Panel member will select a Tarot card to illustrate themselves from a favourite deck and this month TABITarot’s blog gives a big shout out to… Emma Sunerton-Burl

Hi everyone!
I am Emma Sunerton-Burl and my role in TABI is of mentor administration.

I started reading the tarot when I was 21 – that’s 27 years ago now – and met the Thoth a year or so after first starting with the Cat People deck. The Thoth has been my main deck ever since. Despite all these years I still feel I am developing and the tarot still surprises me with its insights and relevance.

Within TABI I do all things connected to the endorsement program administration. I joined TABI in 2004 and became a free reader, then a mentor and tutor.  Shortly after this, in 2006, I took on the role of mentor administration. The role has increased in its tasks since that time and I’m still enjoying the variety of things it brings to me; from IT technical issues to interpersonal support of the mentors and mentees.

I have chosen the Queen of Swords from the Thoth deck to describe my approach and aspirations in my role for TABI. I see this queen as someone who seeks to see the truth.  She uses a counselling approach with keen insight that is non-judgemental and compassionate, whilst also having the ability to make clear decisions when needed. I strive to use these qualities in my position here, enabling the Endorsement program to run smoothly and maintain the high standards the TABI free readers have.

To this end, I take an overview of the mentoring process and assess what mentors and mentees need to make their lives easier.  It’s also important to keep as good a record as I can of progress and events, to make the whole process as smooth as possible. I support mentors from when they first volunteer, and throughout their mentoring with TABI. I support the mentees, too, in their relationship with their mentor, and offer support to work out any issues that may arise between them. Also, I deal with the technical set up of the systems for each new mentor and new free reader.

In my own tarot life, aside from offering tarot readings, I also run tarot training programs.  While I started years ago with the Thoth deck, I am also now running a counterpart to this for RWS-style decks.  In particular, I use the Sacred Circle deck: I love its wilderness imagery, which relates to my life here in Wales. My approach through training is to focus people on their own personal development and the use of their intuition through the use of tarot.  This both enhances their lives and makes their readings freer of personal biases, becoming more and more accurate and empowering for their clients.

I live in North Wales with my husband and son, and love the mountains – their beauty, their dramatic effects on weather and scenery – and I adore to climb, walk and run on their exciting forms.  I trained as a mountain leader a few years ago to enable me to share the powerful experience of the mountains with others.

So if you are interested in being a free reader or mentor I am the person to contact.  I am happy to answer questions and explain the process so feel free to ask away if you are unsure what it involves too.

Contact for TABI issues is given on the TABI “Contact Us” page, or you can PM me on the forum.

Other contacts are below. Feel free to connect with me in any of these ways.
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