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Journey Into: Page of Cups

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and see it is set in autumn, a time of change and beauty. The Page holds a cup and appears to be talking to a fish – perhaps a salmon, which returns to its roots upstream to sporn for the next generation, swimming miles against the current. The title on the card is reflection.

I go into the card.

I feel a soft gentle breeze on my face as I walk into the card. The air is cool and refreshing though not cold. I feel peaceful and calm. I see some nuts on the floor of the woodland and am reminded of the abundance of nature and of how nourishing nuts are and how freely available nature makes them for us.

I ask the nuts if they have a message for me.

“We are gifts for you – to nourish and support you. We contain the seeds of new life when we fall to the ground you gain from us, either from our food, or from the new tree and strength that grows from us, given nurturing, time and patience. We tell you that you need patience at the moment, things are going your way or growing as they need to but the time right now is for gentleness and for rest. The time for the growth to be seen will be in 6 months when spring will come about, metaphorically, then your new shoots will show more viably and your energy will rise for the work you have to do.”

“Thank you.” I say. “You help me see the way I am growing.”

Then I turn to the Page: “Hello.” I say.

“Hello – How can I help you?” he says.

“I want to know what it is that you represent in this card and also whether you have any message right now specifically.”

“I am a young sensitive boy – someone who feels things very deeply. I need time alone to contemplate how I am feeling. I don’t like harsh noise and energies. I am at home in nature and go with the flow of things, the natural world keeps me safe as all is in its right place. My sensitivities mean that often I am misunderstood as I try to shield myself from the emotional storms in crowded places. It is only when you go quiet within that you can really know who I am. I will merge with those around me for protection and yet deep in my core I have my own energy signature.

I sit here by the river and allow its flowing honest nature to rejuvenate me. I come in a reading when someone has to really hear who they are. Deep down without expectations placed upon them from the outside world – their family and society. The more you come to terms with who you really are the happier you become. You can return to the world but knowing yourself you will be more protected from its harshness. I am healing in my nature. I like to allow myself to flow – though I like to feel safe. I am not one for structure or security in the usual sense of the word; I need my freedom to be who I am; I need my space. I feel the energy of all things and like to live in harmony with it. I like to talk and communicate and to share with no restrictions, but with the true flow of things. Honesty is vitally important to me for I feel a lie from someone easily and I know I need to close down at this.

My message for you is to be still in nature, you love the contemplative side of yourself yet your striving has taken you far in the natural world – but you are not allowing the stillness to overcome you. As you do this alone you will find more inner peace. Contemplate who you are and what nature is doing at any time and you will find any answers you need.”

“Thank you Page – I understand your message.”

I look at the fish: “Do you have a message for me?”

“Yes, I am the one who goes against the flow. As the Page goes with it, so I go against it, it is my way. I am here to show that it is the person’s own way that is the ‘flow’ and that this may be against others perception of what ‘to flow’ means. It means standing for yourself your truth and walking your own passion in life – living out your ideals and not anyone else’s. As you do this then you are in the flow, if you feel you ‘should’ be going a way because it is what is expected of you, but you resist it in your heart, it may well be your flow is like mine – as a salmon flowing downstream with the river for a time then turning when it is time for me to return to source. The river is the most obvious flow – though going with this is at times exactly right for you, as it was for me in my early years, there comes a point when your flow may take you away from the beaten track – from the obvious path and into the unknown and the path less travelled. Follow your own desires and you will be led to the source you need to find.”

“Thank you salmon. That is a very true, but surprising, message from you – you walk your truth.”
I look to the river and the river says:

“I am the flow. I follow my path, winding as I do, through woodlands and plains, over rocks and curve my way round, changing course as is needed. I do not question where I go, I just go. I am, you are and we remain. There is only the flow; there is only my journey to the sea; the beginning of all water; I flow to return to the mother, endless and ever changing. Allow my changing moods to show you that through all your life events you are still on your path to the One; all paths lead there none are wrong – there is only experience of the journey.”

“Thank you great river.” I say.

I feel there is so much in this card. It feels full of insight and thoughtfulness and indeed matches its title of reflection as I reflect on so much being in this environment. I stay for a while by the river and be still – then I turn and leave in gratefulness for the time I have been here.


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