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Key Words: 7 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

7 of Swords

Cleansing of ideas; storm to clear the air; fear of oncoming changes; negative expectations; panic; need to centre oneself and let go of fears; moving forward; confidence in own goals; strength; courage; determination; receiving help from multiple sources.

7 of Swords Reversed

Fighting with self and others; scattered thoughts; fears preventing movement; blame; lack of goals; victim mentality; refusal of responsibility; pride as block; ego preventing connection with true self.

7 of Swords Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread you have a chance to let go of your negative expectations about the situation – things are not as bad as they seem. As you change your attitude so events change in line with your thoughts. Avoid waiting and seeing, and allow yourself to forge ahead despite your fears. Things are not as bad as they may appear.

7 of Swords Questions
  1. What do you fear will hold you back? Are you ready to face this now?
  2. In what way are you giving your power to take action to another person or situation? You may find you think you are blocked, but actually there are opportunities available to you that will work even if you feel it is a scary or bold move.
  3. What will help you move forward now? How will you get what you need?
7 of Swords Suggestions
  • Spend some time meditating – particularly on your breathe – to bring any fears into balance.
  • Focus on breathing deeply and consciously through the day and allow your breathe to support you as you forge ahead with your plans.
  • Write down all your fears about this situation then take each one and see how it would feel if you knew this fear would not come to pass. Then burn the paper ritually letting go of your fears. You may wish to use affirmations to replace them.
7 of Swords Affirmations

I feel the fear and do it anyway.

My expectations are positive and joyful.

I honour myself and my path.

I lead the way forward with confidence.

I trust all will be well.

Everything is as it needs to be right now for my highest goals to be fulfilled.


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