Card Meanings

Key Words: 8 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

8 of Swords

Self made prison; stresses taking toll; tiredness; moving forwards through fear; change of perspective making things easier; cutting away fearful and negative thoughts; release from prison; clearing the air; turning back on an old difficult past or difficult times; putting things behind you; rite of passage; power; strength; rest; release from stress; reborn into own life; new potentials coming into life – friendships, work etc.; promise of a new future; increased energy coming; new directions and creativity.

8 of Swords Reversed

Resting; waiting; uncovering fears previously unaware of; necessary delay; illness; static situation.

8 of Swords Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread you are in a position to move through your fears and make a new start. You may have been struggling with someone or something for a while. Now you have a chance to bring everything out into the open clearly and start afresh. Once done then many new opportunities start to come your way and your patterns change. Release your stress by finally facing and acting on what needs to be done. Things shift quickly after this.

8 of Swords Questions

  • What fears still have to be addressed?
  • In what way do you imprison yourself? What attitude could you take to free yourself from this?
  • How can you gain the rest and perspective you now need?

8 of Swords Suggestions

  • Clear some space for yourself and work with your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Do some physical exercise to shift the energy in your body and so help you deal with the physiological stress.
  • Be vigilant in your thoughts – once you have ritually let go of your fears – do not allow yourself to speak to yourself from that fearful place; replace your self talk with affirming statements till the new becomes habit.
  • Take further cards to make clear the answers to the above questions if you are not aware of what the answers are.

8 of Swords Affirmations

I am free from past conditioning.

I release all stress and know I am enough.

As I rest I regain my strength and restore flow to my life.

It is efficient to rest and care for myself.

As I do what my heart wants so my path becomes the path it needs to be express my highest self.


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