Sacred Circle

Journey into: 7 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and see clouds and looming weather and also a collection of swords all coming together at one point. In the background is Uffington white horse.

I walk into the card.

I see the clouds looming overhead. It is overcast and quiet – as if all the birds have stopped singing and something ominous is going to happen. I ask the clouds what their meanings are in this card.

“We are threatening rain and all can hear it. We bring a deluge to wash away old, less secure items, plants, pathways, small rocks and stones. We fertilise the land for renewed growth and bring the land to life. We are not yet acting though here, we are just about to, and will unless something changes. If the wind blows us away things can change. So we are the elements in someone’s life that feel out of control. It’s as if the person is frightened of certain outcomes and is holding their breath to see whether they will happen and being inactive. However the wind needs to blow for the threatened conditions to move away so we say breathe, and allow the panic to subside. As you do so, then we can be blown away and you can see for yourself what needs to change to make way for new growth. If you take charge of your life circumstances at this time then you will be able to move the things in the way of your progress yourself, rather than allowing an external catastrophe to do it for you. Needing the air to move also indicates you need to allow your thoughts to focus on the direction you want to go in. As you do so the power of your thought increases in the same way as a strong wind from one direction is more powerful the various air movements in all directions.”

“Thank you, that makes so much sense. I can relate to this.” I say.

“So to you swords; are you the focus too?” I ask.

“Yes, we represent bringing all your thoughts into alignment. Ask yourself what do you really want? Go for this goal and make all sides of you act in accordance with this outcome. I am the middle sword, I am the one that is the leader – I am yellow and represent you having the confidence to go forward with your ideas and allow others, those that love you, to back up your actions from their perspectives and in their own ways. As you allow others to have their own point of view then you will find they can support you more than you realise. In a team it is the leader that is confident of the goal that helps bring the others in the team into alignment, using each persons skills to their maximum. Lead and put your point of view across with love (the green swords at my sides).”

“Thank you.” I say and understand how this works.

I walk over to the white horse and decide to walk towards his head, when I am close I ask if he has a message for me about his meaning here.

“Yes, I am strength, courage and determination. I am able to make things easier for people and I am happy in service if you treat me well. I am here as a symbol that you can carry more than you think and that you are able to have help to shoulder the burdens you feel are yours and yours alone. Allow yourself to receive the help you need, from both spiritual and practical sources. Things will move forward faster than you imagine and with less effort than you believe. Don’t allow your fears about how bad things ‘could be’ prevent you from seeing how things are. There is a great strength within you and within others. As you draw upon this strength, breathe and release your fears, then your goals can become a reality. I am here to help too, and can provide you with help as you need. Visit me in your reading, when I arise and I will help you understand how this applies in the reading at the time.”

“Thank you horse. I appreciate your wisdom of the ages.” I say.

I walk up to the top of the hill and appreciate the view of things around me. As I see this, I realise sometimes fears stop us from seeing the whole picture and often there is more  than we can see at the time of a decision and we just need to focus on our goals given what we can see at the time. Later we may be able to see more and change our direction then if need be.

I talk to the card as a whole.

“So if you are reversed?” I ask.

“Then you are scattered,” Say the swords. “you fight within yourself about which way to go and you fight with others blaming them for not helping you, yet you have no goal for them to align with.”

The clouds add:

“You are standing back and in many ways, allowing the storm to make the changes you could make by direct action. It is like in a relationship when you know its over but you just wait and wait for the other person to say its not working, rather than acting on your own truth. You are failing to understand your own strength and ability in the situation and also not allowing yourself to use the resources that others offer you, out of pride, or a feeling that what they offer is not good enough; yet it can make such a difference. To right the card let go of your fear, take the action you know in your heart is right for you and allow others to help in the ways that they can. The situation is not as dire as it may seem at first.”

“Thank you, this is wonderful.” I say. “I feel very clear in this card and despite thinking it might be difficult to really glean what you are about, it has been wonderfully clear. Thank you all.”

I turn and leave and feel a real connection with this card.


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Emma works as an intuitive psychic tarot reader and runs one to one online training courses on reading with the Thoth tarot deck using a unique blend of intuition and psychological techniques. This has now been extended to working intuitively with RWS style decks too. She also mentors other professional and non-professional tarot readers. She offers visualisation MP3 downloads for intuition development, tarot readings F2F, telephone or distance, and healing – see her website for details: 

Emma has a Bsc in Psychology and is a trained counsellor, counselling supervisor and trainer. She integrates this experience in her Tarot work, and in her self-written training courses for personal development, Tarot, and Tarot mentoring.

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