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Lighthearted Lookahead: 4 of Cups

Card of the Month by Rachel 47 (aka Rachel Gregory)

US Games: Radiant Rider Waite

Well, the picture says it all for me with this card.  I’m sure it will  resonate with anyone who has ever had a teenager under their roof.  A speech bubble with ‘Whatever’ written in it would complete the scene quite nicely.

As February is the month of Valentine’s Day, perhaps this Cup card has come to offer some relationship advice?  Let’s have a somewhat tongue in cheek look at what it could be telling us.  Buzz words for the card are highlighted in bold.

If You’re in a Relationship:

  • Don’t forget to send a Valentine’s card – unless you want a whole lot of sulking and pouting to deal with.
  • If Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite live up to your own expectations, try not to be too disappointed in your mate. If you’reoffered an apologetic goblet of wine, don’t refuseit.  But hold off on the three chasers – 14th Feb does fall on a school night this year you know.
  • Now, don’t shoot the messenger here (there is a defensive aspect to this card) but do contemplate whether you might be taking your partner for granteda little these days.  Have you stopped making the effort you used to?  A little bored and complacent maybe?  Just asking…..!

If You’re Seeking Love:

  • Are you turning down invitations to events where you could meet new people? OK, a slide show at the village hall on the life of pond dwelling creaturesmay not be your thing, but you never know who might be there. Remember that this can be a card of missed opportunities.
  • Are you choosing to isolate yourself? Withdrawal and contemplation has its place, for a time.  Maybe that time is now over?  How does the song go? ‘Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again…..’.

Yes, this card often warns of stubborn, sulky, self-centred behaviour.  Of being too wrapped up in our own internal world to notice golden opportunities, even when they’re shoved in our face.  It reminds us to count our blessings and not take things for granted.  Often an indicator of self-imposed isolation, perhaps we’re being prodded to wake up and start coming out of hibernation, now that winter is almost through.  If you’ve been sitting in the back seat a bit lately, it’s time to take the wheel again and embark fully on life’s journey.  Not forgetting to smell the spring flowers along the way, of course……


Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite

Month: February 2018

Card Drawn: 4 of Cups

Written by Rachel47 aka Rachel Gregory

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