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Review of Tarot of the New Vision

Reviewed by Piper Indigo aka Piper

As an avid Tarot collector and hoarder, I had absolutely no need to buy yet another Tarot deck, but for some reason, after several years of reading Tarot, and no longer considering myself a beginner, I recently had a strong compulsion to go out and buy this particular deck (or rather, stay inside in this rubbish English weather and order it from a well-known online retailer)!  I have no idea why I had to buy this particular deck and I couldn’t even remember its name (so it took a bit of Googling based on the imagery), but I remembered that all the scenes were drawn from the opposite perspective to the usual one seen in most RWS style Tarot cards and I eventually found it.  The ‘Tarot of the New Vision’ comes as a normal sized deck in a normal box and in a sturdier red ‘premium’ box. It is also available as a miniature version which is the version I now proudly own.  It comes with its own ‘little white book’ in five European languages, which gives brief card meanings and instructions for ‘the cards of meditation’ (essentially a one card daily draw and journal entry to better connect with your deck).

I was delighted when the deck arrived, and I really connected with it almost immediately.  The card stock is of good quality and the glossy cards are lovely to handle and shuffle.  It’s a deck that I can honestly say makes me feel very happy.  It also really captivates me and retains my interest which is important as I am easily bored by repetitive scenery.  I need something fun and/or quirky to retain my interest and I’malso a very visual person.  I love the miniature version just because it’s cute and handy to travel with.  The drawings are skilful, technical, detailed, positive and vibrant, with lots of beautiful colours-all factors that really appeal to me.

The ‘Tarot of the New Vision’ is a typical RWS style deck, replicating Pixie Smith’s original style, so it has a rather strange sense of ‘familiarity’ about it.  However, where it stands out as being completely unique is that each scene is drawn from the normal perspective rotated on the horizontal axis by 180 degrees, so rather than looking straight at the main figure of each card, the reader instead ‘sees’ what the figure in the card sees as the figure is seen from behind, rather than in front.

The concept is absolutely fascinating (a bit like how the ‘After Tarot’ depicts what might have happened next in each scene), and I love the quirkiness factor.  It also means that so much of the detail that was previously unseen or ‘hidden’ from view (such as what is behind each court card’s throne) is now available to the reader.  This certainly adds an extra layer of richness and vibrancy to a reading once you already understand the usual, traditional meanings of the 78 cards, and can surely only serve to enhance one’s intuitive connection thoughtfully absorbing the detail and story of each picture.  There is just so much more detail in each card to pick up on which you simply will not find with any other deck just because of the unique perspective.  This is also why I would not consider this a beginner’s deck as I do think it’s important to already have a good foundation of what the traditional cards mean-this deck can then be used to broaden and add to your existing interpretations.

Lastly, I thought I’d post a few pictures of some of the cards here so you can see what I’m rambling on about and perhaps understand my enthusiasm,besides, I always think it’s good to actually see some of the cards before considering a purchase.  I thought I’d post my two favourite ladies, the Queen of Pentacles (me, haha) and the Empress (also me sometimes)!

I love how that Queen of Pentacles card reminds you what an earthy, ‘connected with nature’ lady she is with all that beautiful, lush greenery and the deep, red roses you can almost smell – I also love how the etchings on her throne reveal her to be of a kind, generous spirit.  Again, with the other two ladies there is just so much detail and the drawings are beautiful.

Then three more cards of the Major Arcana which may make you question the original meanings-especially that Hanged Man who finds himself in rather an awkward situation instead of what we previously thought of as meditative contemplation.  These cards just have oh so much detail and symbolism that your intuition and imagination really can run wild.

Overall, I have nothing but praise for this deck-it’s helped me gain some valuable insights and produced some lovely, positive interpretations.  I feel it’s helping me develop my intuitive reading skills and it’s simply just a ‘happy’ deck.  So if you fancy something a little different and have no problems with ‘quirky’ then I highly recommend the Tarot of the New Vision.  May the cards be ever in your favour. 😉 Piper xx


Created by:           Gianluca Cestaro, Pietro Alligo
Artists:                  Raul and Gianluca Cestaro (twins)
Published by:       Lo Scarebo-Torino, Italy, 2003
Reviewed by:       Piper Indigo aka Piper

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