Lighthearted Lookaheads

Light-hearted Lookahead: The Wheel of Fortune

Written by: Rachel 47 (aka Rachel Gregory)

Ah, the wonderful Wheel of Fortune.  The question is, are you on the way up, or on the way down…..

Life is a series of cycles isn’t it?  We all go through our ups and downs.  If you’re a pessimist, like me, good times are often tinged by a sense of unease that things are going a bit too well  – when, and how, will the wheel start it’s inevitable downturn?  On the other hand, as we often remind ourselves  during hard times, when you reach rock bottom, the only way is up.

So, how could all of this relate to the Month of April?  Well, there’s a sense that anything could happen when this card crops up, so it’s a bit tricky to make generalisations!  Let’s have a look at the card’s main themes and see what we can draw out.  Card buzz words are in bold as usual.

Fortune and Chance

Round and round and round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows….I’m recalling the catch phrase from the TV show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ here.  The game was won or lost on a turn of the wheel.  Which makes me think of other games of chance.  As the card is in the upright position it does carry a healthy dose of good luck with it – if you’re so inclined, why not have a flutter on the lottery or something similar this month?  Or maybe, if you’ve been wondering whether to try something, take the chance.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained – you may just get lucky, providing you’ve been nice, because remember what goes around, comes around…..


Yes, all actions have their consequences.  Eat too many Easter eggs and watch the wheel on the scales move in the wrong direction!  The upright position indicates that we’ll be on the receiving end of good karma during April though. Nice weather over the Bank Holiday weekend maybe?  Now that WOULD be lucky!!


When the Wheel of Fortune shows up, there is often a change of direction, or a sudden speeding up of events.The change of direction could be a career change or an altered perspective of some kind.  There’s a strong feeling of movement with the card, taken literally it could be a house move or some form of travel.  It’s a great time of year for both after all!  Or it could be that a stagnant situation finally starts to move towards a conclusion.  What’s for sure though is that April is unlikely to be a dull month…..enjoy the ride!!


So, can we do a hamster impression and try our best to stay on top of the wheel as it starts to revolve?  Perhaps, but a slightly unsettling aspect of this card is that fate or destiny is playing a big part in what gets dished upright now.  Sometimes, the ride is easier if you just ‘roll with it’ rather than fight against it…..hang on tight everyone!!

So, essentially, I think April is looking interesting as there is movement and lots of positive energy with this card.  Even if you find yourself on a downturn, remember that we do need some perspective to allow us to appreciate the times when we’re riding high.  If you’re not a fan of change, you might be feeling a little unsettled right now.  Keep in mind though that the very centre of a wheel is always still, no matter how fast the exterior is revolving…..


April 2018
Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite
Card Drawn: The Wheel of Fortune

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  • Karen

    I have this deck and love it too. It’s definitely the gorgeous colours and the feeling of being in Cornwall or the Gower that it reminds me of. A strange personal fact – whenever I work with it I want to eat Refreshers sweets.

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