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Mickey Querent Dishes the Dirt

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Feature by Mick Frankel

The Astrology of Tarot Readers

A few years ago, we sent TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword to find out more about Tarot and Astrology. What he discovered is quite extraordinary, so we considered his findings worthy of republication and watch out, there will be some previously unseen episodes thrown in as well…

Someone told me about Mickey Querent and I thought it was a joke.

No joke.

Mickey Querent exists, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with him. Mickey is a full-time querent. This means that he goes for a Tarot reading as often as he can.

He’s got to know Tarot readers and how they think. He’s an expert in the psychology of Tarot readers.

I asked him how he tends to approach a Tarot reading…

“Well, basically, you see the key is Astrology. I use Astrology all the time when I go for a Tarot reading. Straight away, I always ask the reader when their birthday is and I adapt my style according to their Zodiac sign. It works really well. Dead good.”

This was astonishing to hear. Mickey Querent is so skilful and experienced at going for Tarot readings that he actually changes his approach according to the reader’s star sign!

I pumped him for more info…

“I’ve been doing this for a good few years now, normally one or two readings every week or so and I’ve noticed that there are different types of Tarot reader. I reckon there’s a definite link between the reader’s Zodiac sign and they way they go about doing a reading for me.”

“For example, supposing I find out that the reader was born March/April time. Aries. Well there’s absolutely no point in going into a long explanation of why I’m there. Or even a short explanation come to think of it.”

“You see the Aries reader gets bored very quickly and I know that as soon as I start talking the reader is already thinking about their next querent. So I ask for a quick reading – let’s face it you’ll never get anything else from them – and I let them pile in and get on with it.”

I felt that Mickey was being a little bit harsh on Aries readers, so I did some research and managed to track down Tarot reader Clara Ramsteen, who is an Aries. I showed her what Mickey had said and asked her what she thought.

She said, “Actually, some of what Mickey says does make sense although, obviously, I didn’t have time to read all of it.”

So maybe there is something in what Mickey says after all? I asked him about Taurus. How do you tend to approach the Taurean reader?

”Ah, well now you’re talking! If the reader has an April/May birthday, then before we even talk about the reading, I just let them know that I’ve had to dash to get here and I haven’t had the chance to have lunch yet. Not even a cup of tea. Before you know it, they’ll sort you out a nice cup of tea and with any luck there’ll be cake and biscuits and all.”

I spoke to my friend Ms. Clara Bull, who is a Taurean Tarot reader, and I told her about Mickey’s food and drink angle. She was very dismissive.

“What a load of old rubbish! I’ve never heard such mindless piffle in me life! Hang on a sec, I’m just polishing off this sausage roll, do you fancy a cup of tea?”

My research on Gemini would take me far away from home. I asked Mickey how he deals with the May/June birthdays…

“The key thing to remember about the Gemini reader is they’ll try to give you too much choice. Be ruthless with ‘em. Just tell them exactly what you want. Don’t allow any trace of hesitation or uncertainty to enter into your voice. Sometimes it’s tricky because they’ll do anything they can to pull you in two directions at once, but be very, very firm.”

I was confused. I asked Mickey if he could give me an example.

“Well, I’ll say something like, ‘Give me a reading about my relationship’. Then they’ll ask you for more details, whether I’m faced with a choice…that kind of thing. I don’t even blink or miss a beat. I just say, ‘No, that’s fine thanks. Give me a reading about my relationship please.’ After two or three times, they generally get the message.”

It turned out to be trickier than I thought to find a Gemini Tarot reader but finally, I went to New Orleans to track down twin sisters Clarissa and Clairette Gémeaux.

The two women were constantly interrupting each other and it was hard to keep the thread of the conversation going but I told them about Mickey Querent and asked them what they thought of Mickey’s way of dealing with Gemini readers…

“Now you don’t wanna be believin’ everythin’ that boy says, you hear…” said Clarissa.

“But he certainly knows what he’s talkin’ ‘bout…” interrupted Clairette.

“Gemini people don’t need no second invitation to start right into givin’ a Tarot reading…”  Clarissa continued.

“But we always like to double-check everythin’ jus’ in case…” Clairette put in.

My head was starting to ache. I made my excuses and took the first plane home.

By this time, I was starting to wonder how Mickey would handle a reader with my own Sun-sign, which is Sagittarius. But I thought it best to stick to the script and so I asked Mickey Querent about the June/July birthdays, the Cancerian Tarot readers.

“Well with Cancer people you have to be little bit careful”, said Mickey, his voice dropping almost to a whisper. “You see there’s every chance that the Cancerian reader is much more worried about the reading than you are. They really want to do a good job and to give you a special reading so you have to just make them feel comfortable.”

“Even if there’s a situation that I really need to know about, I play it down and say something like – ‘just gimme a general reading, there’s nothing special that I need you to look at ‘ – then as the reading develops I gradually turn the conversation around to what I really want to know about. Cancerian readers are great!”

How extraordinary! Mickey really knows how to look after a Tarot reader.

I had a chat with my friend Clare Crabbe who is a Cancerian. I showed her what Mickey had said about her star sign and she started to look a bit anxious. “Oh dear, am I really that much of a worrier? I don’t think so, not really, well maybe a bit.”

I shook my head and wondered just how Mickey handles those Leos… [to be continued]


Feature by Mick Frankel.

Originally posted: 28th November 2014

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