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Mickey Querent Dishes the Dirt: Part 2

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Article by Mick Frankel

The Astrology of Tarot Readers Part 2

A few years ago, we sent TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword to find out more about Tarot and Astrology. What he discovered is quite extraordinary, so we considered it worthy of republication. Here’s what happened when TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword meet up with Mickey Querent a second time…

Mickey is a full-time querent and he goes for as many Tarot readings as he possibly can. He’s got to know Tarot readers so well that he changes his approach according to the Zodiac sign of the reader.

I asked Mickey how he tends to deal with a reader whose birthday is late July or early August, the splendid sign of Leo the Lion.

Mickey’s voice dropped to a whisper, “Listen, you don’t even have to ask ‘em their birthday. I can spot a Leo the second I walk in the reading room.”

“Really?” I asked Mickey what makes them so distinctive.

“Well, for a start there’s certificates everywhere. On the wall, behind the door, on a special certificates display in the corner. Then there’s the photos…the reader with various celebrities. You know the sort of thing…make a point of noticing one of the photos.”

“Tell ‘em that you’re sure that you’ve seen them on telly. That kind of thing. They’ll love to tell you a few stories, drop a few names. Then you’ll get a terrific reading out of ‘em. Really entertaining – and accurate.”

I asked Leo reader Clara Lyons what she thought of Mickey’s attitude. She laughed so loudly it seemed to rock the room. “What a joker”, she said with a broad smile on her round, open face, “but it’s funny that he mentioned name-dropping – Uri Geller told me the same thing.”

I was intrigued to find out how Mickey approached the normally shy sign of Virgo. He became serious:

“Whatever you do, arrive on time, not a minute late but not early either that’ll mess ’em right up. If it’s a 2 o’clock reading, make sure that you arrive at 1:59 and 30 seconds. It’s tricky and it takes a lot of practice. I remember once walking around the block 5 times before arriving for a Tarot reading from a Virgo.”

“Remember to sit nice and close because they sometimes talk a bit quietly but be careful because if you make them shriek with laughter, it’ll deafen you!”

I spoke on the phone to Claire Maiden whose birthday is in early September. Putting the phone to loud speaker, I could just about make out what she said:

“What a lot of nonsense he talks. I don’t mind if the client arrives a few minutes late; it gives me time to sort my coloured pencils into their proper order and to arrange my Tarot books into alphabetical sequence by author within publisher.”  Then she burst out laughing and nearly punctured my ear drums.

In the astrology books I’ve read, Libra is described as an elegant, stylish sign of the Zodiac. Did Mickey agree?

“Now Librans are the best readers if you’re fairly sure about which way to go in a situation but you need someone to give you the pros and cons of both sides. Fantastic. Just don’t expect a definite answer from them. And remember that they’ll contradict anything anyone says on principle. Even if it’s something that they themselves said 5 minutes previously!”

I met my friend Clare Scales who was out shopping for clothes. When I told her about Mickey’s take on Libran Tarot readers she was quite dismissive:

“No. It’s not a question of contradiction. Librans hate any kind of conflict.”

I shook my head ruefully and left her to her make-over.

Scorpio has, unfairly, a bit of a bad reputation so what about the Scorpionic Tarot reader?

Mickey smiled:

“Well, be prepared to talk about your sex life. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself telling the Scorpio reader all sorts of details that you’ve never told anyone else. They’re good. Really good. But you have to get past the funny tingling feeling that you get when they give you their dramatic look.”

I spoke to my friend Clare Sharpe at her house. She was wearing a dark purple cloak and a full-length black velvet dress. I told her about what Mickey had said and she just looked at me. My blood froze and then I must be honest, I started to get “that old feeling”. But I stayed professional, cleared my throat and waited to hear her thoughts:

“He’s on to something but you look troubled. Did something happen to you earlier?”

I was just about to tell her about the dream I had last night when I suddenly realised that the sign of Scorpio was starting to work its magic. I gave a brisk apology and left in a hurry, delighted to see the sunlight again.

When the subject turned to the sign of Sagittarius, Mickey smiled:

“Now if you want to learn all about Tarot, Sagittarians are terrific. They can’t resist telling you how they worked out what they just told you.”

“Astrology, Numerology, Egyptian Mythology…you name it, they’ll tell you all about it.”

Clare Archer is a Tarot reader whose birthday is in early December. I asked her what she thought about what Mickey had said:

“I don’t think I’m that didactic am I? Shall I explain the origin of the word didactic? It’s really fascinating.”

I was out of there like a shot.

Capricorn has a reputation for being business-like. Would Mickey agree with that?

“Definitely. Sort out the price in advance, pay them before the reading starts and everything will be just fine. They are excellent with career readings and anything to do with finance.”

“Just be aware that they’ve got a very dry sense of humour. Extra-dry. You think they’re being serious and then later on you realise that there was a very subtle lightness to everything they told you.”

I asked Clare Goater what she thought of this:

“I’m sorry, is there a fee involved? I don’t give my professional opinion for free you know! What sort of woman do you think I am?”

I was mortified. Then I realised what was going on and we both started laughing:

“No. He’s spot on. No problem.”

What about the sign of Aquarius? Humanitarian, visionary, inventive? What did Mickey think:

“Well the Aquarian is great. Just don’t expect them to talk about their feelings. They don’t do that. So, if what you want is a detached, objective, brutally honest view on your current life state, then Aquarian Tarot readers are wonderful.”

“One last thing, they are generally polite but then suddenly the air will turn blue with a stream of profanity.”

I contacted Clare Walter-Behrens whose birthday is on February 1st. She said:

“Interesting. I’m interested in what he says. It’s interesting.”

I then made a schoolboy error:

“But how does it make you feel?”

She replied:

“How does it make me feel? How does it make me FEEL? What kind of %^&£ing question is that?”

I was shocked but then she immediately calmed down:

“But it’s interesting what he said. Interesting.”

I shook my head. Made my excuses and left.

And finally, how about the mysterious sign of Pisces?

“Well, supposing they offer a 20-minute reading or a one-hour reading, don’t even think about asking for the one-hour version. Their 20-minute reading is sure to last at least one hour.”

The Piscean will give you a good reading but you have to be patient and allow them to ramble on about everything under the sun before they get to the point.”

I called round that evening to see my friend Clara Fisch. I showed her what Mickey had said. A strange, unreadable look crossed her face and she said:

“You know what…my Uncle Sid who lived in Hartlepool, he was in the Navy, based near Eastbourne, did some submarine work, his wife was my Auntie Betty, after the war she worked in a shoe factory and she was very psychic so much so that she predicted that Brian Clough would become a successful football manager, people said she looked a bit like Elizabeth Taylor, now she was wonderful whatever part she played, she just seemed to adapt and transform herself whatever film she was in… anyway his birthday was the same as mine and…”

My eyes glazed over and I suddenly realised that I could do with a drink.


Article by Mick Frankel

Originally Posted 26th December 2014


  • Archer

    This made me laugh out loud. I’m a Sagittarius and Clare Archer is basically me. Now I know why my readings are so long!

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