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Interview with my Deck: Everyday Witch Tarot

Interviewed by: Piper

One of our members, Piper, had an awesome idea…. she interviewed her deck and shared her findings on the forum.  We at TABI were so impressed, we decided to run it as a feature on our blog.  This month, the contribution is from Piper herself again!

1) How would you describe yourself?
The Moon
As a deck I can light up areas that were previously hidden and reveal the truth from the illusions.

2) What do you think of me?
6 of Pentacles

I see you as a benevolent, kind person.

3) What type of readings do you like?
7 of Cups

I like readings where lots of choices are involved as I can offer guidance as to the right choice to make. I particularly like love readings as the witch in this card appears to be choosing the ‘hearts’ option.

4) What type of readings do you dislike?
The High Priestess

I’m not about being all showy – I wouldn’t want you to use meat a fair, for example, just looking at the image showing a lady dressed as a witch reading Tarot with her runes and crystal ball.

5) What is your strength?
5 of Cups

Looking on the bright side of sad situations – helping one to move forward and learn from past mistakes and teaching one to be more positive. ( Interviewer’s note: I’m very distracted from looking at the 3 spilt cups to looking at the beautiful, delicious spread laid out on the table with balloons and the remaining standing 2 cups!)

6) What is your weakness?
Queen of Wands

Perhaps I’m a deck who won’t be tough enough with you?! I do see myself as a ‘gentle’ deck, yet the Queen of Wands is nurturing and strong at the same time.

7) What can you teach me?
6 of Swords

How to cut your losses and escape from unhealthy situations, how to move on.

8) What do you need from me?
2 of Wands

Think about all the options on the table, listen to my deck, follow your intuition, and make a decision! Be decisive.


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