Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Wild Unknown Tarot

Written by: ShrinkingSunflower / Nic

I absolutely love this idea and went looking [for the TABI Interviewing my Deck thread] after hearing about it. I have just got the Wild Unknown Tarot which I’ve never used before so thought to try it. I found the reading so interesting that I had to post:
How Would You Describe Yourself – The Fool
I am full of potential – I can bring great news and promise new beginnings or warn of something that will prove foolish and hurt. My potential is boundless, fresh and new.

What Do You Think of Me – 7 Coins
Nervous and lacking in self security. You’re never sure or confident and can be a little impatient to see rewards. If you don’t see obvious positives very soon you assume it’s because you’re efforts are failing rather than be patient or alert.

What Types of Readings Do You Like? – Chariot
I love giving readings that offer control, empowerment and a reason to charge on ahead.

What Types of Readings Do You Dislike? – Tower
I hate giving readings which crumple people’s hopes or ideas. Ones which bring inevitable pain and a sense of being powerless. Destruction is opposite of what I feel that I’m about.

What Is Your Strength? – High Priestess
I am excellent at being in the know and considering all options. Very little slips by me, though I often hint in subtle ways in which you need to be prepared to look. Intuition is key.

What Is Your Weakness? – Empress
Overly emotional. Love to call on nature and life, love to consider spirituality and embrace love. Sometimes people need something concrete but I prefer to investigate deeper meanings.

What Can You Teach Me? – Father of Swords
I can offer you the ability to look deeper. Sometimes you are overly detached and others you are overly attached. I can teach you balance to gain control over emotions.

What Do You Need From Me? – Moon
I need you to be more open to considering the spirit of myself. Dig deep and delve into the unknown. Embrace emotion, embrace the unknown, embrace darkness and be creative. Stop trying to control and be more willing to be moved. Otherwise, it’ll never work.

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