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Shout Out: Reefgirl

Written by: Reefgirl

My name is Coral, also known as Reefgirl, and I run the Monthly Practice Question. What this means is, I set a hypothetical question, something that we may be asked during out Tarot lives, and the members, often junior members and new joiners, use these questions to find their reading style, or a good spread, to test drive a new deck, or just simple to practice. As it’s an open forum, other members can give feedback, which always helps and suggestions.

I was born in London but I now live on the South Coast, I have been living here now for twenty years. Outside of Tarot, I enjoy knitting and crochet, I am a great lover of crime fiction, on TV and in books, I’m such a fan my mother has commentated that I could plan, execute and get away with the perfect murder. I work as a chef, I work in a care home for people with learning difficulties; I have been working there for three years and enjoy it greatly. I also enjoy cooking outside work, usually baking.

I first got interested tarot, like a lot of people, after watching Live and Let Die, I didn’t do much about it until I read a book called Happy Birthday by Christina Jones, in which the heroine is a tarot reader. After reading it I went out and got a tarot deck and went from there, I haven’t looked back.

What card best describes me? The King of Swords I guess, being a typical Virgo I need to bring order from chaos, I need structure and logic in all that I do, I can get annoyed when things aren’t done in a logical way, ask my work colleagues.

My tarot achievements are quite small, in the grand scale of things, but I think the hope I see in client’s when a reading gives them hope is the best feeling ever. In the bigger scheme, I have predicted several unique occurrences in Formula 1, I saw Red Bull Racing’s fall from grace in 2014 and Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari, six weeks before anyone else did, unfortunately for me, the Formula 1 teams ignore my warnings.

What have I gained from my TABI membership? So much it’s unbelievable, for me anyway, I have made lots of friends, learned so much and done things I’d never have dreamed of, like becoming a volunteer and co-ordinating the Monthly Practice Readings. Before taking up Tarot and becoming a member of TABI, I’d happily blend into the wallpaper and let other people tell me what to do.

My dreams, I’d like to have my own New Age teashop, a place where like minded people could meet, read and swap ideas.

If you’d like to get ahead with your F1 betting, why not check out: Reefgirl’s Blog!!


  • TarotDirections

    Lovely in learning about how you and Tarot began as a couple!
    They say the way to anyone’s heart is through the food we lavish our loved friends and family.
    Nice to get to know you (smile)

    • Coral Bale

      Thanks, I’ve just spent 3 hours preparing a Chinese spread at work, it was wonderful to see the residents diving in and enjoying the food

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