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Review of The Bonefire Tarot

Written by: Elinor Owens

The Bonefire Tarot is created by Gabi Angus-West, It allows for a traditional Rider Waite method of reading while giving a colourful fire themed twist.

I own a lot of tarot decks and this one ranks as one of the better presented. It arrived in a sturdy box decorated with a theme consistent with the cards which are found secured in two separate sections under the guidebook. A nice touch is the blue satin ribbon trims on the box to assist in opening the magnetic catch and my immediate impression was that I’d purchased something quite special.

The sturdy well-made guidebook which accompanies the cards didn’t disappoint me. It’s a clear, comprehensive explanation of the card meanings. The book is strong, and well made being large enough to read and handle comfortably. This book gets straight to the point with each card meaning and any relevant symbols and signs are listed below. I would say the text is written to appeal to beginners while also drawing in the more experienced reader.

The actual deck is printed on what I would call a regular card stock. I do own decks that are printed on a much thicker card but I also have some printed in much lower quality. The cards are a nice size and quite chunky in width but I’m not sure if they would stand up to years of heavy use like some decks will.

The imagery is where the deck really comes into its own, the artwork immediately reminded me of the 1970’s era when Live and Let Die graced the cinema screens and house walls were decorated with lurid wallpaper and artworks. The black background and border of each card form the perfect backdrop for a detailed portrayal of each card meaning.

I feel that one outstanding feature of the deck are that the characters are sometimes portrayed facially thus adding an extra dimension to a reading. The Empress is an especially good example of this as her expression seems to change slightly with each reading. In keeping with the deck’s title, the fire theme is consistent throughout the deck.

The deck is rich in symbols and signs and the fact that sometimes they are not immediately obvious in all the detail only adds to the interest.

This is a dark yet energetic deck suitable for very detailed readings and shadow work. Some dark decks can be quite depressing in their imagery so its refreshing to find one with uplifting tones. I personally find it a very inspiring deck.

As you may have guessed I love these cards  They aren’t the cheapest deck I’ve purchased but in view of the presentation box and accompanying guidebook I think the extra cost is justified. The Bonefire are a good all round tarot appealing to everyone.

I’d love to see the deck with a gilded edge and maybe a slight upgrade in card quality but I guess you cant have everything. I’d also like to see a trimmed deck (though not enough to trim my own), since I’m not k=usually keen on borders, but in this case the border doesn’t detract from the imagery at all.

All in all if you want a deck that promises mystery, excitement and the unexpected then the Bonefire tarot should be on your shelf!


Name: Bonefire Tarot
Creators: Gabi Angus West
Publisher: Self Published 2013

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  • Coffee Cup Tarot

    Great review. I hadn’t seen these before but this has definitely put them on my wishlist! I totally see the Live and Let Die, 70s energy reference too

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