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Spread: The Butterfly Relationship

Written by Magenta

As a card reader, both Tarot and Lenormand, one of the most frequently asked questions is about a relationship.

Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life; think of the stages a butterfly goes through during its life.  A butterfly is generally seen as a transformation of some sort, so I have used this as the basis for my Butterfly Relationship spread.  It looks at what needs potentially to change to move the relationship forward or to a conclusion of some sort.

The spread uses 22 cards in all so it is quite a large one, although the cards are read in pairs.

The Butterfly Spread

The layout is a representation of a butterfly as below:

      19     20             


14  8    5     9   16

13  4  1&2  6  17

12  7    3   10  18


                            21  22 (these two laid face down until all other cards read)

Cards 1 & 2 at the centre – Card 1 is the Heart of the matter and Card 2 is laid across Card 1 and is the Crossing (problem)

Cards 3 & 11 are Beneath, what is the foundation of the current situation

Cards 4 & 13 are Behind, what has happened in the recent past

Cards 5 & 15 are Above, what is being thought about the relationship (by those in relationship or others around them)

Cards 6 & 17 are Before, what lies ahead in the short term

Cards 7 & 12 are Choices, what choices could be looked at

Cards 8 & 14 are the Movement, what is happening at the moment

Cards 9 & 16 are Learning, what needs to be learnt about the relationship

Cards 10 & 18 are Hopes, what is hoped for in the relationship

Cards 19 & 20 are Long term, what lies ahead in the long term

Cards 21 & 22 are the Final Message, these are laid face down until all other cards read

One Comment

  • TarotDirections

    Butterflies are beautiful. Its amazing how they can live for one day only to 9 months long.
    This tarot spread looks revealing for detailed insights.
    Thankyou Magenta.

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