Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Book of Shadows

Written by: Mother Pearson

1 – How would you describe yourself?

Mother of Air (Queen of Swords)

I am a literate deck, and can be used to write books and inspire language. I help to build bridges with words and ideas and help you to communicate more effectively.

2 – What do you think of me?

2 of Air The Pendulum (Swords)

I think you need clear guidance in making a decision. You need to look carefully for the truth, which is evident when you open your mind.

3 – What type of readings do you like?

8 of Air Meditation (Swords)

I love to help my querents find the answers they seek by encouraging them to recognise the power of the mind and of the spirit. To me, it is important that you are encouraged to use the power of Meditation to visualize your goals clearly, giving you a clear idea of what you should be striving for.

4 – What type of readings do you dislike?

9 of Water Lakshmi (Cups)

I am a spiritual deck, and therefore it doesn’t interest me if you are chasing prosperity, material and spiritual abundance.
5 – What is your strength?
4 of Fire Mars (Wands)

I will instill in you the desire for action; I will teach you of your need for courage and confidence; and I will help you to develop the capacity for self defence.

6 – What is your weakness?

The World

I perhaps have very high expectations of you, and expect you to foster a sense that all is right with the world. I sometimes forget that completeness, wholeness and a feeling of belonging to something bigger is the culmination of a long journey, and need to remember that I am here to help you learn these lessons.

 7 – What can you teach me?

Initiation Judgement

I will help you work towards your spiritual calling, and help you to live with a higher purpose. I will teach you the value of leaving an old path, and exploring new ways.

8 – What do you need from me?

Elemental of Fire The Salamander (Page of Wands)

Fire brings an influx of burning energy to the situation that can be advantageously used, and I need you to tap into this aspect of my readings, both for yourself and as a messenger to others.

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  • TarotDirections

    Hmmm… have piqued my curiousity about this tarot deck. I am going to google it. Thankyou for sharing the Book of Shadows purpose with us, Mother Pearson. Peace and Happiness to You.

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