Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Housewives Tarot

Written by: Reefgirl / Coral

This deck comes in a Recipe Card Box and the images are those Kitschy 50’s cartoon type that sees Mummy reaching for the Gin bottle after a hard day of Housework without a thank you from the husband and kids.

Card #1: Tell me about yourself?

What is your most important characteristic? The general personality of your deck. This question will reveal if your deck is painfully truthful, a prankster, a pragmatist, a romantic, etc.

The Two of Wands

On the card, a woman with four arms hold a mop and a broom, indicating that she really needs a hand with the mundane things in life. Traditionally this card indicates a fork in the road; you have the opportunity to choose the way YOU want to go. I think this is saying, if you choose me, as your working deck we can have some fun, be a bit tongue in cheek. You may not want to be the woman in the card, with all hands on the ‘Traditional female’ role of being the homemaker, in tarot this is true too, do you want to be forever tied to the RWS or one of its clones or do you want to carve a niche for yourself as an individualist?

Card #2: What are your strengths as a deck?

The best features of your deck. This will help decide what kind of questions to ask and spreads to throw.


On the card, we see an electric mixer, with what looks like a batter in the bowl; all around the machine are ingredient boxes Joy, Anger, Justice and Sorrow. Traditionally Temperance is all about balance and combining. What this card is saying you need to combine the good with the bad to find a combination that works for you and lets you move on towards a goal. For this deck, its saying yes we can have a giggle and a bit of fun bout listen to my advice, even if it is a bit darker than maybe you would like, I’m not messing about here, I have important things to say, we need good and bad in life to grow.

Card #3: What are your limits as a deck?

This card represents the challenges, blocks and obstacles your deck may have. This is also helpful to decide what questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Seven of Cups

On the card a woman is looking at 7 glasses, full of intoxicating liquors, 5 cocktail glasses and 3 long glasses, she has decisions to make. Traditionally this card is about choices, decisions and daydreams. I think perhaps this deck doesn’t know what it wants to say or maybe has too much to say, it could give you too many choices and too much advice, so much that it’ll make your head spin (especially if you drink all of that alcohol). You need to ask a strong question and have clear intentions when asking this deck anything, because it may get a little fuzzy with its answers.

Card #4: What do you bring to the table?

What are you here to teach me? We all have teachers in life and Tarot’s higher purpose is to teach us. To show us our areas of growth and help us improve.

Queen of Cups

On this card, a woman is dropping ice into an alcoholic drink (what is it with this deck and alcohol?) Traditionally this Queen is cool, logical, cutting and a little sarcastic and this is just what this deck is all about. The times I’ve used it in readings it has been very cutting and gave a boot in the bum to people who were ignoring its messages, it may look fun, sweet and kitsch but it definitely has a sting in the tail. What this deck is teaching is, I may look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth but underneath I’m a bitch.

Card #5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?

Tarot, like all relationships, is a partnership. This card shows how to best utilize that partnership and shows you the best way to approach your deck.

Six of Pentacles

On the card, a child dressed as a devil looks at a plate of biscuits and sweet treats, behind him are two ghosts. Traditionally, this card is all about giving, receiving, and charity. This is a card of give and take and it’s saying, all that you put into using this deck I will also give, to the best of my ability and we can learn from each other about the best way to work for the common good.

Card #6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship?

The most likely result of working diligently with your deck.

Knight of Swords

On the card, a bad boy, complete with motorbike, leather jacket and flick knife captures the heart of two girls in the background, what girl doesn’t lust after the bad boy. Traditionally, this card is all about impatience, sharp intellect and occasionally charging of seeking adventure without thinking it through. I think this deck is saying, you like me because I’m mad, bad and dangerous to know, I could be your undoing but you’ll keep coming back because I give you the thrills that your nice, sweet, safe decks can’t. This is that ’Bad Boy’ deck we all have that you’ve used a couple of times but have been frightened but some dark undertones of the stark readings it’s given so you put it at the back of the shelf. But it keep calling “come on baby, come back to me, you know you want to” so you do go back, until the next time it says something you don’t like. It’s saying I know you don’t like what I have to say but I will always tell you what you NEED to know not what you WANT to know; the only way you’ll get the truth is if you ask ME.


Although this deck may look sugar and spice and all things nice it has got a sting in the tail, if you want an honest, upfront answer with no messing about it will give you just that and it won’t care about tears and tantrums. It has a purpose and it will deliver just what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

This is a fun deck to work with, especially if you’re doing a Hen Party, Baby Shower or a Girls Night In, it’s definitely a ‘Girls’ deck. Use it if you want to stand out from other readers, if you want people to know you’re a reader that poke fun at herself and can have a laugh.




  • Coffee Cup Tarot

    This absolutely, without shadow of a doubt sold me on the deck. I simply have to find one! The imagery alone is right up my rockabilly alley and the interview definitely sells them as a deck with a bit of bite.

  • Lucy Voss

    I like this deck but I’ve been a bit wary of using it … with your interview in mind I am tempted to give it another whirl.

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