Hot off the Press,  Interview with My Deck

Hot off the Press: Interview with my Tattoo Tarot deck

Written by: Diana McMahon Collis

I am delighted to share this interview with my Tattoo Tarot deck! As many will know, this deck’s advance copies have just recently been released (and I understand pre-orders on Amazon are at a lower than usual price) I love the art by the Tattoo Artist! (Megamunden) It is a deck set with some special interest, as I worked with on it as part of the team with the illustrator and publisher (LKP/Laurence King). So I may be a little bit biased in its favour! However, the cards clearly chose themselves, for this interview… :0)

As a note, I always look at the base and top cards from the shuffled deck with my readings, so those are at the end, too

1) How would you describe yourself?
Knight of Swords
I’m feisty and to the point – but I will only tell you the truth – nothing but the truth. Well, sometimes I might play my cards close to my chest until I feel it’s the right time to tell you the truth. But I will choose my words well and you will ignore me at your peril!

2) What do you think of me?
Knave of Cups
You’re a bit of a softie and something of a dreamer, but you really connect into people’s feelings and you are in touch with your own. You like nothing better than to sit down with a nice cup of tea and let someone open up their heart with the tarot. The feather in the cap tells me you have many talents, but you don’t flaunt them – well, only just a little bit! You connect with the inner child in others and yourself and it helps you to access creativity.

3) What type of readings do you like?
XVIII The Moon
Bring me the anxious clients; the ones who worry. Bring me the troubles of women (and those who relate to them) – I have lots of insight about female things. I love readings with a good amount of emotion; don’t bring me stiff, silent types – I’m ready for the floods of tears and frustrations, so keep the tissues handy and be ready to with patience and that listening ear! Dark and brooding – well, clients may start that way, but we’ll soon have them feeling lighter, showing them the other other side of the Moon – or even the Sun, whose light we reflect.

4) What type of readings do you dislike?
Queen of Coins
Work, work and more work – a woman’s work is never done! Although I know we’re going to attract readings with a work theme! Money, money, money – why do people worry so much about money? Worth, prestige, survival – such old ideas. Having enough, doing enough – what about being enough? That might be a good place to start! Just don’t send me anyone asking about lottery numbers, though – if we knew those, would we be doing this, even? Oh yes, we probably would, because we like to help people. But… no lottery numbers, ok! And no requests for investment advice – that’s what financial advisors are for.

5) What is your strength?
2 of Cups
Love, love, love…All you need is love! I can talk about relationship issues standing on my head (upside down heart on one side of my face – did you see what I did there?) I know about how people can get closer – if that’s what they really want. I can also spot the ones who think they want romance and a settled relationship but, really, would run a mile if it truly came along. I get strong feelings about compatibility and can tell if someone’s onto a winner or a loser, really fast.

6) What is your weakness?
Ace of Coins
I like new ventures, so don’t think you can stick me in a drawer, wondering when my next outing will be! I’m a bit of an individual, too. I think rather a lot of myself, actually. My peacock feathers, the serpent and rose on my face – they’re all clues as to how unique, wise and deep I am. I’m more interesting the more you get to know me, so don’t think I’m somehow minimalist and lacking just because I’m not a Rider Waite Smith clone, through and through. I have extra layers – you just have to look for them. I’m actually quite reasonably priced, too, which I see as a strength. Oh – and I like to leave an indelible impression :0) Is that a weakness? Sorry – I just can’t help it: I’m a Tattoo deck!

7) What can you teach me?
V The Hierophant
An immense amount. The guidance I can give is going to help you and your clients to feel very sure about the paths you choose to travel. I will help you to work out a code of conduct that is always right for the situation, because it will be based on spiritual alignment. You will also understand more about how far you have come on your journey, as it has been a long one – and you have more followers than you realise (or soon will have).

8) What do you need from me?
Ace of Cups
I need your love! I have feelings too, you know. Deep down, all I really want is peace, but my job is to help people to find theirs. So I must carry all the feelings of everyone we come into contact with – but only until you shuffle me again for the next reading! I want to be looked after, too, so treat me kindly and put me somewhere safe where my box won’t get bashed. I won’t mind if you keep me in a velvet bag, with or without my box, as it will be cosy in there. I really want to be your only one, but I know that’s asking a lot. But maybe we could spend more time together alone sometimes – in meditation – as well as my workhorse duties!


3 of Cups

Yay, I’m a community deck and a collaborative deck. I found you, when I was just a twinkle in a publisher’s eye, through a tarot community and that very same community is already welcoming me with open arms, as I make my debut, in my full glory!


 XX Judgement

Yes, it’s that thing we’re so afraid of. But there is no way to have a life, to transform that life and move into a higher state without going where we are drawn – which is out there, connecting with people, doing some good in the world – raising up souls – helping people to fulfil their dreams. I could wax lyrical for hours on this!


Diana McMahon Collis
Editor/Writer, Speciality: Mind, Body & Spirit
Mind Body Spirit Practitioner & Mentor
Consultations: Astrology/Tarot (Email/Skype)
Nutrition/Weight Issues Mentoring


  • Saucy Sailoress

    This is such a cool interview – and the reading you gave me was fab also – so glad I was quick enough off the mark to get that!!!
    I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but I do love tattoo art.. and this is tempting me!

    • Diana MC

      Thank you, Saucy Sailoress! I am so glad the reading was of help to you 🙂 I’m with you on the tattoo art – quite beautiful and fascinating – especially in the deck…

  • Chloe Anais Hill

    A very unusual looking deck, and an in depth reading of the cards as well. I wonder how many people will get one of those cards tattooed on their arm 🙂

    • Diana MC

      Thanks for the lovely comments, Chloe Anais Hill. That is such a fabulous idea, with people getting the cards tattooed on their arms! I think Megamunden, the illustrator, would be mega delighted – he being a tattoo artist himself 🙂

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