Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Lumina Tarot

Written by: ShrinkingSunflower / Nic Shand

1) How would you describe yourself? – The Moon

Rather than being the small, uncertain creature cast in shadows and soft illuminations to cause nightmares – I am the shadow. Around me, the world could be bright and stark, void of colour and I will remain with an air of mystery (hipsteresque, I daresay?) holding tightly, albeit a little over-confidently with my sense of higher knowledge and truths.

2) What do you think of me? – Death


The initial reaction is almost to recoil, a little overly beak, maybe a little too intense – however, there is a morbid beauty in the way the world is viewed. You are not without your imagination and a twisted sense of what is, is both knowingly ironic and even humorous. At the end of the day, you are still blossoming and transcending.

3) What type of readings do you like? – Temperance

Ones which are puzzles that need solving, often it means someone has a view which is skewed and needs balance or harmony. A little fire of heated emotion or perhaps drowning a little by an emotion – I love to help people find their inner peace and guide them to making what seemed to so impossible, possible.

4) What type of readings do you dislike? – 8 of Cups

I don’t like readings which focus on a sense of loss – not necessarily the event of losing (though this may well be the case) but for those who feel loss and their way back to their lives are seemingly treacherous. I love to shape people who are bubbling with energy, not try to stimulate life into those who are walking an endless, desolate cycle.

5) What is your strength? – High Priestess

Did I not already hint this? I am full of arcane knowledge and can tap easily into the Self. I focus on the sense of Self and pride myself in it. Truth is always found from within and I am an expert at extracting, revealing and teaching those internal truths to let people find themselves.

6) What is your weakness? – Justice

Balancing spiritualism and practicality of life. Sure, I will reveal what you didn’t know about yourself and how to find your inner self. But I am not so strong at making practical, grounded information. I am not about material and tactile life, I exist for the esoteric and I favour my own views of existence.

7) What can you teach me? – 9 of Cups

I can offer you the ability to dig deep and discover how to acknowledge your natural self and how to blend your ambitions to find happiness. With the warm sun of dreams and the practical dome of Earth, I can show you how to harness them both together in order to self fulfill. Give yourself choice, options.

8) What do you need from me? – 10 of Wands

Don’t break your own back. Why carry all the weight of your labour on your own? Seek aid, call for inner strength and listen to the guidance given. Put an end to overburdening yourself and start to live life.


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