Written by: Moti / Caroline Blackler

Blessings fellow traveller. My name is Caroline Blackler, and I will be the person SHOUTING OUT to you today on TABI’s blog. On the TABI Forum, I am known as Moti, short for Moti Black. Moti comes from a nick name my friends have been calling me for about 15 years, and Black is a shortened version of my last name.

I have been TABI’s Treasurer for eight years, but I will shortly be handing over this mantel to the wonderful Helen. So, this Shout Out is my goodbye to TABI as a formal servant. In my time with TABI, I have kept the accounts ticking over in the background, with the help of the ever wonderful Beruse. I have also helped organise conferences and group orders. A few years ago, I also took over the TABI shop.

The two most important things I have gotten from TABI are friendship and a better understanding of the Tarot. Before I joined TABI, I hadn’t met anyone else who had anything to do with Tarot. When my love of Tarot came up, I was told by well-meaning friends that I was deluded, weak willed, into evil things, and that I would be cursed. But then I went to my first TABI Tarot Conference and my world opened. I learned that there are as many ways to interact with the Tarot as there are people with Tarot decks, and that the only evil in the cards is brought in by people with bad intentions. Now because of TABI, most of my friends have some involvement with the Tarot, and this has helped me understand both Tarot and myself better.

The most common portrayal of people involved with Tarot I had seen in the media, was people using the cards for fortune telling. I find most non-Tarot people conjure up this image when I say that I am involved with the Tarot. Because of the support and wonderous variety within TABI, I have learned that you can love Tarot, and not have to fit in with this stereotype. Within TABI, I have found friends and learned from people who use tarot for readings, meditations, past life regression, spellcasting, Jungian psychology, breaking through creative blockages, and much more. I have met Tarot readers who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Wicca, Atheist, and Agnostic. The variety is fantastic!

My main goal is to finish writing my novel. I’ve been working on it for a while, but other projects and commitments keep pushing it into the background. I have made some tough decisions over the last year to make sure that I can finally give it my best shot, and then if it goes nowhere, I will know it wasn’t meant to be. I am also working on my artistic skills, in the hope that I will be able to create my own Tarot Deck, or at least, be able to come up with some cover art for my novel.

For the sake of this blog post, I have pulled a couple of cards, one for my writing and one for my art.

I have used the Prisma Visions deck, which I bought through a TABI group order back in 2015.

Writing: Queen of Pentacles

As I have already got the plot thoroughly mapped out and most of the chapters written or drafted, The Queen of Pentacles is perfect for the nurturing, down to earth practical energy I need to bring this project to a completion.

The image of the woman, focusing carefully on her Pentacle with the energy whirling around her from strawberry to strawberry, reminds me of when I am writing. I get so excited about how the plot elements are coming together, and each strawberry (chapter) is linked by all these dotted lines of energy (plot elements), all of which feed back into the Pentacle, (the complete novel).

Art: Knight of Wands

This card is the opposite of the grounded image in the Queen of Pentacles. A person is held aloft by lines of energy, which appear stronger and more vibrant than in the previous card, but that energy may not actually be leading to a solid final creation and may cause distress.

The height may give me interesting perspectives and ideas, and the initial burst of energy may help me create some exciting pieces of art work. However, it doesn’t look like it would be comfortable for long term projects, such as a tarot deck, and may prove a bit of a distraction from the subtler energy of the Queen of Pentacles.


Before my voice gets too hoarse from all this shouting out, I would like to wish Helen good luck in her role as Treasurer.

I will be starting up my blog again, so if you want to follow how my writing and art is going, feel free to drop by at www.motiblack.co.uk.

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