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Keywords: 4 of Discs

Desire for riches and wealth; building financial security; emotional satisfaction as foundation of true security; doing the work you love for stable income; wealth as love in action; receiving; prosperity; abundance; financial and personal boundaries; ability to say no; personal power; nourishment; nurturing; relaxing in trust of your physical security; safe space; boundaries leading to freedom; balance in physical and emotional needs; stable, sustainable lifestyle; high self value.

4 of Discs Reversed

Stagnation; fear of loss; poverty; scarcity consciousness; over focus on the material; lack of contact with the heart; too much control; lack of boundaries – personally and financially; need to find one’s joy and follow it accordingly; lack of self value; retreat.

4 of Discs Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread then it is time to assess the boundaries you have in the world; how you allow others to walk over your boundaries and how you perhaps over-control those around you. As you assess these things you can come to a balanced place of security. You may need to say no to someone, or to over-spending, into order to achieve this stability, or you may need to value yourself more and create the security you need by allowing yourself to receive. The opportunity is there for you to gain the longer for security, both materially and in the heart.

4 of Discs Questions

With whom and with what do you need to set some boundaries?

Where do you cling out of fear? Are you ready to let this fear go and embrace your potential for security?

Can you allow yourself to receive your worth? What beliefs are standing in your way?

What are the corner stones of security for you?

4 of Discs Suggestions

Spend some time looking at your fears about standing for yourself, and also your fears around receiving. As you become aware of the fears – you have the opportunity to release then and create the inner and outer security you crave.

Pick cards for any of the questions above you are unclear about.

Spend some time with deep water and meditate on the depths of yourself; the part of you that is eternal and never changing despite external events.

4 of Discs Affirmations

I am secure in myself.

I have all I need.

I take my space when I need it – I can chose to be with people whenever I choose.

I have a right to follow my own path.

I am valuable.


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