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Review of Enchanted Lenormand

Review by Treewitch / Margo Benson

I am delighted to have to the chance to review this exquisite Lenormand deck. I love the Lenormand system, and to work with deck created by two of the most knowledgeable and creative experts in their fields, is a treat indeed.

Caitlín Matthews is the author of over 60 books, covering shamanism, the Arthurian legends, tarot, Lenormand, diaries and fiction – and her knowledge regarding the history of cartomancy makes the accompanying book a worthy addition to any collection.

Virginia Lee is an artist based in Devon, and is known globally for her beautiful works of art depicting Tolkien’s Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy. As a Tolkien fan, I immediately felt a sense of familiarity when I looked at these cards for the first time.

This is the Second Edition of The Enchanted Lenormand, introducing a new box and additional cards to the set.

The box contains a pull-out draw and the cards and book fit neatly inside. The cards measure 5.5cm x 8.5cm so are conveniently small when reading the larger spreads that Lenormand is often used for.

The extra cards included are an additional Man and Woman, plus The Diviner – a card depicting Madame  Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand herself. This card can be used to represent the seeker and, to quote the book, “…to act as the deck’s own oracle and teacher.”

The artwork is unique, in that every card shows a crystal ball nestled in branches entwined with ivy. In the centre of each ball is the subject of the card, and this is where working with this deck comes alive. Virginia Lee’s scenes don’t feel like static images, but have a life of their own – as if you are really peering into a crystal ball, and this makes for very exciting reading. The backs of the cards are beautiful too, showing 4 playing card aces and the symbols they represent.

The accompanying book is masterful! Caitlín Matthews fits into 160 pages more information than many authors manage in much larger volumes. Whether you are new to Lenormand, or an accomplished reader, I highly recommend the book. Inside are thorough descriptions of each card (which are reproduced in colour) keywords, the impact the card has, how it reads for work, love and well-being. There are examples of reading each card in combination with others, plus short tales and myths covering each subject. There is advice on how to read, and a good selection of spreads to work with, from working in pairs, to ‘The Big Picture’, where all 36 cards are laid out.

Here is an example of a familiar 3×3 layout and you can see how mesmerising the cards look in a spread such as this:

Another aspect of reading these cards that is tackled superbly, is the inclusion of how to accommodate the playing card inserts. Many times this vital component is glossed over, or even left out altogether. In The Enchanted Lenormand, the pips are explained and examples are given which help the reader gain an important extra layer to their reading and, as a playing card reader myself, this makes me very happy!

So, for anyone considering purchasing a new deck and book – or if you are new to the idea of learning Lenormand, I highly recommend this one. The Enchanted Lenormand lives up to its name in every way.

Caitlín Matthews’ work can be found at: Hallowquest

The art of Virginia Lee can be found at Virginia Lee


Deck: The Enchanted Lenormand

Created by: Caitlín Matthews

Illustrated by: Virginia Lee

Published by: Watkins
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