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Key Words: 5 of Discs

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

5 of Discs – Key Words

Blockage; painful movement forward; control; need to take care with movement; patience; containment of anger; fear of painful situation immobilising; potential of breakthrough; dreams possible through careful movement; self nurturing; trust in self perceptions; blocks seen as time out to consider how to move forward in safety; protection through barriers; learning from past difficulties; anticipation of storms and difficulties; cleansing power of conflict openly and carefully expressed; protection before trusting again; curbing financial spending to get through this time; anticipation of silver lining; worry and the challenge to remove worry.

5 of Discs Reversed

Difficulties seeing the positive in the situation; need for physical protection; need for patience and trust; fears becoming overwhelming; trust in the strength within you for all outcomes.

5 of Discs Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread you are in a situation which is causing you to worry and distrust yourself. It is also an opportunity to slow down and allow things to unfold in their natural way. You will be safe as you trust yourself and don’t rush. There is danger but you can navigate it easily with patience and focus. Drop your worries and trust in your spirit to see you through these times.

5 of Discs Questions

Where you do you feel you need more balance at this time? Doing more? Doing less? Creating more?

1. What could the current blockage be protecting you from?
2. What areas of life are worrying you at this time?
3. What are the gifts of the restriction you currently feel?
4. What is it that needs ‘unpicking’ in your life? What is the gold beneath it?

5 of Discs Suggestions

  •  You can enjoy this time if you allow yourself to do what is necessary and then allow spiritual sources to respond before rushing forward through panic.
  •  Pick a card for what your life will be like if you drop your worry.
  •  Do a ritual to let go of your worries and bring in trust in yourself and your natural soul protection.

5 of Discs Affirmations

I am safe.
Hurdles serve to strengthen me and reconsider my next moves.
I am patient and trust in myself.
I find the silver lining in all challenges.


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