Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Mythic Tarot

Written by: Chloe Hill

I have been asked very nicely to do an interview with my Mythic Tarot Deck. It portrays the characters of Greek Mythology in tarot form.  I have had a conversation with my cards and here is what they said….

How would you describe yourself?

Ten of Pentacles:  A Romanesque man sits in a garden surrounded by his family. He is framed by two pillars wrapped in grapevines and in front of him, ten coins are stacked.

I have been around for a while. There is even a new generation of me out now. I have brought abundance and knowledge to many readers and I like to spread my wealth around.

What do you think of me?

King of Cups: A king sits on his throne, robed in blue. He holds a golden lyre in one hand and a golden cup in the other.

You have gifts of healing and divination. You are so strong, the cards mistook you for a man.

What type of readings do you like?

The Sun: The god Apollo, stands in front of his sun temple, holding a musical instrument in one hand and a bow in the other. He smiles.

I like to bring light, joy and positivity to querants. I look for their creativity and strengths and illuminate them.

What type of readings do you dislike?

Six of Pentacles: King Minos sits in his throne, holding six coins in his lap. In front of him, Daedalus, (a character from the Greek stories) kneels and prays, hoping for his patronage.

It’s not so good to hope and pray for the reading you want to hear. You might not get what you wanted…I don’t like readers who use me to hold power over a querant and charge them too much money.

What is your strength?

The Devil: The God Pan plays a tune on his panpipes while two mortals in front him dance on the end of two strings that he holds in one hand.

I like to remind all querants that to be human is to be in a body, with basic instincts and needs. Sometimes querants are driven by their subconscious desires, needs and wants. I bring liberation through awareness.

What’s your weakness?

Nine of Pentacles: A man stands on his property, clothed in gold and holding his hands contentedly. In front of him are nine coins, stacked neatly.

I think you have had me in your tarot box for too long. We know each other well and you might think you know it all, but there is always more to learn. Really I’m getting quite worn out and fluffy, I could have done with being printed on some thicker card so I last the distance.

What can you teach me?

Seven of Pentacles:  A man in work clothes stands by his pillar where six coins are stacked. A queen offers him a new coin, and he looks puzzled as if he does not know whether to keep what he has or take a new offer.

Don’t get complacent! A new tarot pack might look enticing but if you look into me more deeply you will find many layers yet.

What do you need from me?

The Hermit: Cronos walks across barren earth at night. He is robed in a simple cloth and carries a lantern. On his shoulder is a crow and in his other arm he carries a scythe.

Turn your alone-ness into all-one-ness. Although you feel like you are out there by yourself, there is a guiding light. You are here to help others struggling with the same journey. Guidance will come in many forms, one of them is the tarot.


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