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Journey Into : 5 of Discs

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and see the discs being held back by barbed wire things look heavy in the air, like a storm might be coming or darkness and there is a feeling of progress being blocked.

I walk into the card.

I feel a breeze against my skin and a chill in the air. I look at the stones before me – the Rollright stones; they are in a clearing with a surrounding area of trees. The sky is dark and the discs are suspended ahead of me with rusty barbed wire holding them together and looking like they would be painful if released; cuts and scratches would be abound.

I ask the barbed wire what its purpose is here in the card.

“I am the symbol of painful movement forward. I tell of danger of pain ahead. I am holding people in or out depending. I am controlling. You can pass me or you can move me but you need to have care, for I will scratch you at any slightest movement of violence to me. I represent the need to contain your anger, to be patient as you allow the riches to unfold. I also represent the fear of pain.
Will you just back away because you think you will get hurt? I am only here in a small way – with patience you could remove me – but will you try?”

“Thank you that makes a lot of sense.” I say.

I sense a foreboding in this card – but I feel empowered by the wire’s statements so I will slowly untangle the wire from the discs. I find I am able to be at the same level as the discs by my thought. So I move the wire carefully away from the discs and I see that the discs themselves, though they appeared to be rusty, actually just have rust marks from the wire which wipe away easily. I ask the discs what they symbolise.

“We are the setbacks you put in front of yourself when you are progressing on your path. We are the glimmer of what you want, held back by your expectations and your lack of patience. We are the gold too though. We protect you. We hold you safe from pain. You worry that you can not trust us, the symbol of your natural protection, as you move forward. You think your natural protection has some how been damaged and withheld from you in the situation you are in. It is not the case though, the protection was always there and didn’t let you down, you just viewed it this way was because of the pain around. The pain did not arise from your lack of protection but because the path you were travelling was not for you. You have lost nothing, merely come up against a railing or fence that tells you that this is not the way forward. If you tried to run through anyway then indeed there is pain; recognise that actually you knew inside yourself that this was not the way.”

“If you trust again in the protection you naturally give yourself you are taking the lesson from this card. Accept that sometimes the pain you see or anticipate is actually not necessary to be gone – you can turn away. Trust again – you have set your protection free by approaching the pain with patience and carefully unpicking it. No damage has been done. Go forth and trust again. You have learned.”

“Thank you – that is very relevant for me right now. Thank you for your wisdom.” I say.

I look at the stones and the skies. I understand the storm that is coming – how the lack of light is the darkness of not knowing where you are on a particular day, or in a situation. I feel sitting with the time and allowing the rains to come will clear the energies away and revitalise me in a way that is needed. I sit in the middle of the stones.

“We protect you also.” They say to me. “We shall send light energy to you and you will know renewal. You need not feel all is lost – there is hope. You are in incubation for the new-you to emerge shortly with all your inner skills intact and ready to be used as necessary, allowing you to trust again. All is not lost.”

“In some situations we talk of financial loss; this is around but know that protection is there too. You can still survive. You will not fail to make the money you need; carefulness may be needed for a while; you may need to allow the darkness to come and go, but in acceptance of the times you embrace and find new solutions.”

The clouds start to move apart. I see the blue sky beneath the dark clouds and I can see the sun shining and the clouds have silver linings – how wonderful! I stand up and am grateful and give thanks to the heavens for showing me such a miraculous lesson of change. It seems to me that this card shows me that the difficulties in the material world are often just about waiting, slowing down and having patience. We can get through if we accept and do not fight the times, but gently unravel them. I feel grateful for this lesson. I understand I need to trust myself and that as I trust myself then the light can come again – all is not lost and never was – it was only the illusion on the physical plane that something was lost, when actually it as just hidden from sight for a small time. Worry is not needed, only the realisation that our true spirit is untouchable and is always there within us. We can trust this whatever happens.

“Thank you all so much.” I look to the skies: “Thank you for your wisdom in your actions.”

“You are welcome” A voice of the sky comes. “All things are needed – the dark, the light, the sun and the rain, for all make the world grow. No, do not fear the darkness it will not overcome your spirit, it is merely another dimension to explore.”

“Thank you for your wisdom. I appreciate it.” I say.

“If you are reversed?” I ask.

“Well it is a protection someone seeks. They may be finding things entrenching and difficult. It is almost a habit of seeing things in a dark and difficult way when, so often, there are silver linings, or the storm is gone, they are unable to look up and see the sky as it is now. There is a feeling of the person being lost and unable to find their way out of this place through fear of going into the dark woods. Their imagination is showing the journey to be hard and even feels impossible – yet there is no impossibility, the footpath through the woods leads to the sunlight and it is easy to follow. Just take one step at a time towards your destination and trust the path will take you there and that you will be able to handle any changes or challenges along the way. This will help right the card and clear the darkness with patience.”

“Thank you that makes a lot of sense!” I say in reply.

I almost decide to leave, but then decide to walk slowly round the stones and feel their energy before I go. I need not run from this place as perhaps I was tempted to, despite all being well. I walk slowly round the stones and pause at each stone to feel its energy and understand its age and perspective. I see each as having its place, it holds and amplifies the energy in the circle and helps the mirror be held up to us of what we are experiencing. As we see ourselves we are set free. I feel the solidness and the apparent timelessness; these rocks have seen so much and so many. Each with their own concerns and worries about life and yet each passes and time moves on. There is a sense of stillness in this knowledge that we are here only for a fleeting moment and that in the grand scheme of things we are mere blips, so remembering this our worries pale into insignificance. I feel so connected with everything as I drop my personal view and sense the time of the rock and how much stillness that brings.

“Thank you great rock beings. Thank you for your sharing.”

I stand back and look again and see the light sparkling and shining through crevices and cracks throughout the scene – I see the light in the dark. “Thank you.” I turn and walk through the doorway I entered by.


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