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Courts and Others: Holiday Gazette

WRITTEN BY: Lucy Voss/Scorpio

Enjoy the more creative aspect of tarot by delving into Courts and Others. A beautiful form of tarot storytelling, weaved by Lucy Voss, and a great way to understand courts and suits of tarot.

Almost everyone is on holiday as it is August, except for the King and Queen of Pentacles because they have a lot of Summer Schools booked in to Pentacle Manor. The students are working there, too, of course, so there is not much holiday for these Pentacles. They will take their annual holidays in the winter, which is more their season anyway.

The Two Pentacles family are finding it hard to juggle holiday arrangements because of work commitments. They have rented a place in an upmarket holiday camp for a month and one or other parent will be commuting each week (provided the trains are running). The Page of Pentacles is going with them as child minder.

Six Pentacles is doing a month’s voluntary work with inner city children helping them to grow things and to understand plants and the countryside. His cousin Seven is also volunteering for this project

Nine Pentacles is travelling as part of an exclusive organised group visiting the gardens of Italy.

The Ten Pentacles family are in their villa in Tuscany, though not grandfather and his dog. They are in an Old People’s Holiday Centre in a dowdy south coast resort. Grandfather actually rather likes staying here each summer; he can meet people who enjoy life without worrying what sort of impression they are making.

The King of Swords is delivering a speech at a conference in Switzerland, as well as participating in the conference. The Queen is staying with him but otherwise occupying herself with the museums and libraries in the area. When the conference is over they will stay with some university friends in Sweden.

Two and Three Swords were supposed to be going on holiday together. However Two could not make up her mind where or when, so Three is disappointed (again) as her holiday dates were fixed by work. The Six Swords family are doing their usual canal boat trip and Four will go with them so he can rest while they deal with all the locks and the catering. The other Swords are generally not very good at holidays (don’t like travelling companions, lose something, can’t sleep in a strange bed, end the holiday full of aches and pains.)

The King of Cups is attending a residential music Summer School at a renowned Music College in the South West. The Queen, the Page, the Six Cups cousins, and young Four (reluctantly) and his mother, together with the Ten family are renting adjoining holiday properties close to the sea. The King will join them when the Music School finishes. Auntie Seven was invited but she could not decide which of several holidays she wanted to do and ended up missing all of them. The Three Cups cousins used to join the group but they developed a tendency to overdo the tincture and were a bad example to the younger children, so they are no longer invited. Five finds holidays a let-down, Eight always does his own thing, and Nine is too superior to join the family.

The King and Queen of Wands are going to southern Spain. It will be killingly hot, of course, but they do not mind that. The King will undoubtedly embarrass everyone except himself by improvising flamenco moves. Brothers Two and Three have meticulously planned their holiday in Cornwall, cliff-top walks overlooking the sea. The Four Wands family are going back home to their country of origin. There will be the usual family get-togethers and enjoyment. Uncle Nine has given up holidays – something always goes wrong, often major. Much better to stay on familiar territory and no chance of luggage going to Santiago de Chile instead of Santiago de Compostela. The Eight Wands family are doing a multi-country tour in a fortnight. They could well be spending more time travelling than actually being anywhere.

The other Wands are a bit like the Swords, too tired to go on holiday, or only ever meet annoying people, so they stay at home.

The Knights, plus Six Wands, and young Chariot are taking their motor bikes to North Africa.
The Knight of Cups has kitted himself out with the latest clothing and hopes he won’t fall off his bike and ruin his new leathers. He is leaving the planning to the others, though he will be the first to complain if they choose a route he does not like.

The Knight of Pentacles has invested in an up-to-date tool and repair kit, and various other spare parts which will probably not be necessary. He also has a substantial first aid kit as he knows he will have to treat the others in an emergency.

The Knights of Swords and Wands have roughly (very roughly) planned a punishing schedule which will entail some long days’ rides. Keeping to the timetable will be difficult and it is to be hoped there are no delays or they will miss the ferry to Southern Spain for the return home. However, young Chariot thinks he will be able to overrule the Knights’ plans and twist everyone’s arms into doing the journey he wants.

Six Wands will just enjoy himself. He has a better bike than the others and is, he thinks – er – knows – a better rider than any of them. He has even won junior challenger circuit races. So there!

© Lucy Voss


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