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Mickey Querent Talks Venus

Some of you might remember Mickey Querent. A few years ago, we sent TABI investigative reporter Sam Sword to find out more about Tarot and Astrology. What he discovered is quite extraordinary, so we considered it worthy of republication…

Mickey Querent had really got me thinking.

The last chat I’d had with him was all about the planet Mercury. He’d explained why each Sun-sign only has three possible Mercury placements.

Apparently it’s all to do with the maximum angular elongation. Mercury can only ever be 28 degrees away from the Sun.

And since each zodiac sign covers 30 degrees, Mercury can never be more than one sign away from the Sun.

I’d been trying to visualise what that might mean for the other planets. Presumably something similar must be true for Venus because Venus is closer to the Sun than we are? I decided to give Mickey a call.

He was heading off for a Tarot reading but we were able to chat for a little while.

I said, “I know you’re in a hurry Mickey but I’ve been thinking about what you were saying about Mercury.”

He gave a quick laugh, “Oh yeah, I remember, the old maximum elongation business.”

“Absolutely true indeed yes”, I mumbled in my best Patrick Moore voice. Then I tried to sound a bit more serious, “What about Venus then? Is there a similar sort of thing going on there?”

Mickey sounded pleased, “Excellent! Now you’re starting to think like an astrologer.”

He paused to collect his thoughts and said, “The maximum angular elongation of Venus is 47 degrees. So Venus can never be more than two signs away from the Sun.”

I thought for a second, “I suppose it’s really about a sign and a half?”

It sounded like Mickey was smiling, “Very good. I like it. You could say that Venus can never make an aspect to the Sun greater than the semi-square.”

I let that one go, “Never mind all that. Let’s go back to signs of the Zodiac. Supposing you were born with the Sun in Sagittarius. That means you could have Venus in Sagittarius or Venus in Capricorn?”

Mickey had his patient voice on now. “That’s right. But if you born with the Sun in late Sagittarius, let’s say 20 degrees, then you could have Venus in early Aquarius. Venus can be further away from the Sun than Mercury could ever be.”

The penny dropped, “I get it. That means Venus could also be in Scorpio or in Libra if the Sun was in early Sag?” I made sure that I pronounced it “Saj” the way Mickey does.

Mickey laughed heartily, “Nice one. That gives you five possible Venus placements for each Sun sign.”

He added, “By the way, don’t worry about the other planets. Because they’re all further away than the Earth, they can be anywhere in the Zodiac relative to the Sun. And as for the Moon, well she travels through the Zodiac every 28 days!”

I could tell that Mickey was starting to get anxious. I said, “Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. You sound like you’re in a hurry? Is the Tarot reader a Virgo then?”

He laughed. “You guessed it. Can’t be late for them people, can you? Get you off on completely the wrong foot that would.”

“Speak to you soon Mickey.”

“Cheers mate, bye for now.”

And as soon as I put the phone down, I realised that once again I’d forgotten to ask him if he was going to the TABI Conference this year.


Article by Mick Frankel

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