Nic is a member of TABI and has her own little tarot reading service called Coffee Cup Tarot. Currently she is a free reader for TABI and going through the endorsement process. 

How would you describe yourself? – Queen of Swords
I am a strong-willed deck who strikes with precision at the heart of the issue. While it may be tempting to underestimate my ability as a practical deck, I should highlight that I am balanced and push forward my advice without hesitation.

What do you think of me – Emperor
Perhaps a masculine energy; you approach life with a vision to be balanced and have integrity, though you certainly lean towards action and authority before compassion and delicacy.

What kind of readings do you like? – Justice
Those which bring together order, justice and balance to life. Often people seek answers when there are questions, issues or feelings of loss and in a fight. I thrive on being able to evaluate the situation with a clear and unbiased mind in order to demonstrate the truth and paths to those who wish the answers.

What kind of readings do you dislike? – 9 of Cups
I am not entirely sure that I am suited for readings which wish for nothing past joy and I certainly don’t entertain wish-fulfillment. I do not mind good news and tidings, but I am not one to work well if someone tried to use me for the purpose of confirming some desire. My use is best suited to answers to questions, not to dwell on dreamers.

What is your strength? – 9 of Coins
If the seeker is willing to work hard and to be open to the advice, then I can show them how to reap the rewards from what they sow. I work well with those who have that level of self-reliance and responsibility about them and I can give practical, real advice and direction to help those who truly need it most.

What is your weakness? – Empress
Molly-coddling and nurturing the heart isn’t necessarily my strength. While I can appreciate that sometimes a more loving, gentle approach is required, it is not naturally my best use and is not something I can commit to readily.

What can you teach me? – Hierophant
I can teach you how to develop and find more in your education and learning. I do exactly that; teach you. Teach you how to how to work within the accepted norm and how to build on working with establishments and how to be an active member of society within your intended field of study.

What do you need from me? – The Moon
To let go of all fears and anxieties and to stop allowing perceived issues get in your way. Life will have necessary darkness and uncertainties, you cannot always know the way. Brave this and you will soon find that you will make real progress.

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