WRITTEN BY: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and what seems like a wall with 9 discs on I see is actually 9 discs in front of a waterfall over rocks – looks like it might be wonderful behind there, I am looking forward to journeying into this card.

I walk into the card.

The sun is shining, though I can see clouds in the sky. I can feel a breeze on my skin and it feels like a warm spring day. The discs are right in front of me and they are gleaming in the sunlight. I walk up to them and ask:

“What do you symbolise? You seem very powerful and consuming in this image.”

“We are the stability and structure that comes from the card. The main feeling we portray is one of stability; things are staying as they are despite changes happening on a daily basis. We represent physical security; the house is secure; your income is secure and continuous; your friendships are working and supportive of you. Everything around you in your life supports you at this moment in a continuous way.”

“Thank you I can see you want to shout your message out too – so the support is very obvious in everyday life?” I ask.

“Yes that’s right.” They reply.

“OK, thank you – may I look around here?” I ask.

“Yes – all is for you to explore, there is nothing you can do to undermine the stability we have here.”

“Thank you.” I say in reply.

I walk round behind the discs structure and see a wonderful, white-watered waterfall– the water tumbles down over random rocks and into a pool below. I am on a bridge over the river so can see straight up the waterfall. It reminds me of a place in the Ogwen valley.

“Waterfall – do you have a message here in this card? and for me personally?” I ask.

“I tumble down, flowing and moving, creating a pool at the bottom of this drop. It is a allowing things to flow as they do and having all your energies focused on one direction. Even if there are many rivulets, there is a focus that all comes together in the pool below. This is the pool of prosperity and abundance. You can build up a sum of money that will help you meet needs when they are needed. Things continue to move; there is no resting or static–ness here however, the movement is continual, so there is no end either, no need to rush to a goal, only to allow things to flow as they do. Sometimes I have more water in me than others, but the pool is always full, being filled and giving out, so it is fresh, clear and supporting of life.”
“Thank you,” I say “I understand you here.”

I ask the rocks what they represent.

“We are the building blocks in your life that allow you to create this flow. We are needed to make the flow beautiful and interesting to look at. We also take the destructive power out of the water – we share the load of the power of the flow – in a sense we are all those around you who help you create the flow you are in. None of us have the flow alone there are always others who support us and helps us – whether clients, family, friends or acquaintances. All have their place to play in the waterfall of stability. We are a rock in another’s waterfall as much as we benefit from their rock-like qualities in our own lives.”

“Remember your role with others as well as theirs with you. As you are mindful of this so you can really nurture your abundance and flow.”

“Sometimes we block one direction and make you look in another but as the rocks we are here – none is a ‘wrong’ path; there is only the flow and when it changes direction it is right for all concerned.”

“Thank you rocks.” I say. “I love your feel here for the roles we all play.”

“As individuals we represent the strength you have” continue the rocks “and the ability you have had in building up a good system for your life to bring to you what you need. We are timeless and still – yet also yield to the flow of water and sometimes move position when our resting point is too stable. So we represent changes that are needed to maintain the flow – the flow can not be maintained without change. Yet change doesn’t have to mean a reduction in stability that the flow provides.”

“Thank you rocks.” I say. “That is interesting.”

I look upward and see some bright green grass at the foot of some cliffs. I walk over there; it looks bright, sunny and new.

I arrive and see that there are lots of new green grass and also some boggy areas with bright green moss growing in it. I ask the area as a whole what it represents.

“We are the freshness and newness that is growing in your life. We are new opportunities that have been watered by your emotional draw to them and are now starting to grow. We like the sunshine; the warmth and light which helps us grow further; this is the love you put into the tasks you need to do to start a project. We are the start of things that will later feed the waterfall for you. You have new things in mind at the moment and we are the seed bed for all your ideas. Some will grow to feed the waterfall, others will stay here in the distance at this time to be hatched at a later date.”

“Thank you – you have some interesting things to say – I have many things in this area personally at the moment and am unsure what needs to grow at this time.” I reply.

“Take a step back – look at these areas and define where your different projects are sporning from, then go deeper. Go to the cliff and climb to gain a higher view point and you will see already which ideas are ready to be brought to the waterfall area at this time.”

“Thank you.” I say and take the advice. I walk through the grass and bog and to the foot of the cliff. It is dry, sticky, rock which has a lot of small hand and foot holds on – slight inclined away from vertical in the ‘right ‘ direction. I decide to climb it with enthusiasm. As I feel the rock beneath my hands and feet I ask what it is meaning here.

“I am the solid support of the tools you have within you to explore your inner realms for the answers you seek. You can rely on me. I am easily navigated and will give you a new perspective. The inner realms I lead you to can be more spiritual in their nature as you climb so you gain more distance from the earthly concerns and more connection with spiritual ideals and the realms. The way up can be difficult at times but in this place I am perfect for comfortable, yet airy, climbing. The air is the travelling through your thoughts as you ascend to spirit. Your thoughts have a light shone upon them so you can see more clearly what will support your in the future.”

“Thank you.” I say. “Thank you for your support too.”

I reach the top of the crag and look over the boggy area below and see that there is a number of things that are nearly ready to join the main river. I can see all ideas flow into the stream actually, but some areas contain more build up after recent rain. It’s not clear which is next, but I have a sense that several of the ideas are about to come to fruition. I need to work on each of them a little and as I do it will become clear which needs to be ‘run with’ at that time.

“Thank you for your support I say a second time – realising its support of me at this higher perspective.”

I decide to walk off the crag to the side and go across to the lone tree I see on the other side of the river. I get to the river and hop from one boulder to another enjoying the feeling of bouncing across the flowing bubbling river. Each rock is a support in its own unique way; some are flat, some bumpy, some look slippery but have an edge to balance on, each offers me some support to get across the river. I realise this is like the people in my life; each offers me support in their own unique way, each valuable to make my journey.

I scramble up the rocky slop to the rowen tree growing from a crack in the rock.

“What do you symbolise I say?”

“I am the proof that even the impossible can occur, though it might seem like nothing could grow in this rock here, here I am; a testament to that impossibility being possible. Nothing is impossible though it has been hard work to grow here. The weather molds me to its shape. The rock structures how my roots can grow. I have grown; I am still me; a rowen tree, despite all the adaptations I have had to make. So it is the same with people; sometimes many adaptations have to be made, restrictions overcome, acknowledged and worked round. It is hard work but it is also beautiful in the result. The effort is worth it; to be fully yourself in a difficult terrain you find strength, and even support, in the restrictions at times.”

“Yes I understand.” I say.

“Also I am a tree of protection and power. I offer protection to the world by my physical presence, by my energy. Come to me and feel the protective energy I offer go within you.”
I reach out to the tree and as I touch it I feel I am becoming one with it.

I feel my roots reach out down down into the earth through cracks and crevices and the earth. I feel my branches being moved about in the wind. I can feel my strength in my flexibility. I feel protection through going with the forces life is throwing at me, not by resisting rigidly, but by yielding and allowing my branches to move yet staying in contact with my trunk and roots so I survive and am protected from these strong forces. I get flashes of storms, of wind, rain, hail and snow – all of these touching me yet not destroying me, only making me stronger.

“Thank you.” I say as I become me again. I feel more secure in myself through this experience and understand the message.

“What if you are reversed?” I ask.

“Well, then it is denial of the security around you. You are fearing things that need not be feared. All is well. Right the card by becoming conscious of all the support and security you have. I can also mean that there is a lack of understanding of all the people and situations that support you. Acknowledge those who help you and you will find your own peace and security. It can also be that you are striving unnecessarily with what to do next when being in the moment is needed. It is a phase of feeling, though security is not far behind if you can take the messages of this card.”

“Thank you.” I say.

I have really enjoyed this card journey. I will carry it with me as a reminder of the security I have in my life that I sometimes take for granted.


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Emma works as an intuitive psychic tarot reader and runs one to one online training courses on reading with the Thoth tarot deck using a unique blend of intuition and psychological techniques. This has now been extendedto working intuitively with RWS style decks too. She also mentors other professional and non-professional tarot readers. She offers visualisation MP3 downloads for intuition development, tarot readings F2F, telephone or distance, and healing – see her website for details: http://seeds-of-light.co.uk/

Emma has a Bsc in Psychology and is a trained counsellor, counselling supervisor and trainer. She integrates this experience in her Tarot work, and in her self-written training courses for personal development, Tarot, and Tarot mentoring.

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