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Bridges and Rivers Relationship Spread


Magenta takes us through a fantastic new spread creation complete with breaking down each card position and allowing us to see exactly how to get the most out of this 13 card tarot spread.

This spread uses 13 cards, but as always, additional cards could be laid for clarification.

It is a good spread to use for a Relationship question and of course this does not need to be a romantic relationship; it could be between any two people.

Decide which cards will refer to which person, I generally use Cards 1,2,3 for the person asking the question and Cards 4,5,6 as the other person.

The position of the remainder of the cards are fairly self-explanatory as per below.

Cards 1,2 & 3 = Person 1; Their Mind, Heart & Body – this is what this person thinks, feels and maybe wants to do.

Cards 4,5 & 6 = Person 2; Their Mind, Heart & Body – this is what this person think, feels and maybe wants to do.

Cards 7,8 & 9 = Bridges – What is helpful; What the connections and attractions are – This could also be what holds the relationship together.

Cards 10,11 & 12 = Rivers – Undercurrents; What is unhelpful or challenging – This could be situations within the relationship, or influences from external forces.

Card 13 = Heart of the matter – What needs to be looked at or done to move the matter forward.

So looking at the sample in the photograph we see that:

Cards 1,2,3 – 7 Swords, 7 Wands, King of Swords – this could be that Person 1 feels that the situation is slipping out of control, moving away or there is a bit of resistance or even wanting to have the final say.

Cards 4,5,6 – Ace Pentacles, 9 Cups, 7 Pentacles – this could be that Person 2 feels that there were opportunities to progress, albeit slow progress and that everything is fine.

Cards 7,8,9 – Page Swords, Wheel of Fortune, Justice – this could be that a younger person holds the relationship together (a child?) and that this may just be a temporary change of fortune, with a just and fair outcome, (custody of child?).

Cards 10,11,12 – 10 Swords, 8 Pentacles, The Lovers – this could be that there has been a lot of pain and sleepless night, with effort and patience maybe from one side and a choice or decison between heart’s desire and duty needed.

Card 13 – The Hermit – this could be the need for solitude and reflection by both parties concerned. It is a card of patience and of maybe seeking advice or a mediator to look at the situation. It is again a card of patience too.

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