Well it is well and truly into the New Year. Anyone else scared that it is one month in already?… well I would be but it’s my birthday soon so yay!

Personally I sometimes find that letting January break in a little before trying out a new year spread works wonders. So that is why TABI is fashionably late to this tarot spread party.

with thanks to Wynford Davis for his contribution

This New Year Spread is absolutely fantastic and I loved it. A little overview before commencing on what you might expect for the months. It’s very practical and easy to follow.

with thanks to you who wishes to remain anonymous

There are plenty of zodiac spreads out there but I love this one. The shape of the spread and also on occasion there are a few different viewpoints on what certain houses represent. The wording here made for an interesting reading when I tested this one out. Definitely one to save.

a reading for the lost and confused

This is my own spread. Sometimes it’s not so much an overview of the year ahead but more an attempt to step forward on the right foot I personally need. This spread is for those who feel a little like they’re upside down and not sure where they are going. Cards 5-6 can give an idea of what keeps you rooted to uncertainty and cards 7-9 should hopefully offer some positive thoughts to let you break free.

Happy reading everyone!

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