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Dishonored: Emily Kaldwin: The Magician


Continuing along the Dishonored Tarot Deck project we look at the next major arcana card in the position of The Magician but titled Judgement. References and information is all inside to make following the project easier.

Our first numbered card is the character of Emily Kaldwin. A young princess who is at the heart of the story in Dishonored. Her role introduces growth

Emily Kaldwin

Our first numbered card is the character of Emily Kaldwin, a young princess. Dressed in white/grey which is often associated with innocence, she does have a stance and confidence that is fairly contradictory to how she first appears. On the card is the word “Judgement” and so for the sake of the project will look at how the card fits both as its Card 1 (The Magician) and card 20 (Judgement). 

Looking at the previous post Dishonored: A Game of Nancy you will see that Emily Kaldwin is the daughter of The Empress who is assassinated at the very beginning. Those behind the brutal murder kidnap Emily and it is the protagonist Corvo who rescues her with the support of The Loyalists – a band of subjects who wish to see the rightful heir return to her throne. 

The future Empress with several references to innocence

Don’t be fooled by this into thinking that Emily is a damsel in distress however. She is highly proactive. Under imprisonment she made several bold attempts of escape and throughout the game once she has been rescued and under protection of the loyalists, Emily is seen fighting against being tutored in the ways of mannerisms and being an Empress and is instead more interested in warfare. She is highly spirited and there are even a few suggestions that she has seen The Outsider in her dreams, which as we looked at in the previous instalment, the Outsider is careful in who he chooses to reveal himself to. 

Now one of the main aspects of Dishonored is that you have multiple endings which is becoming a more popular feature in a game. You can play the game killing enemies who stand in your way or choose to sneak and creep about avoiding killing anyone. As you choose the style you wish to play the ending of the game is decided upon how violent your game was. In high chaos, Emily is revealed to have witnessed so much bloodshed and ruthlessness that she grows to become a cold and unforgiving ruler. In low chaos where few people were killed, Emily instead grows to be compassionate and understanding, developing her domain to become prosperous. 

listed as both “1” and “Judgement”

pliable and easily influenced
shapes the future with choices of today strong-willed
ruler in heart and action.

The Magician – her future is clearly influenced on what she witnesses throughout the game. She has multiple choices which can be used to shape the destiny of those around her. Also a hint at being “touched” by the Outsider in her dreams. 

Judgement – in a literal sense, Emily’s experiences are an ultimate judgement for her subjects. Her experiences will be felt fully by those she rules whether it is a relentless dictator or a compassionate Empress. 

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