Magenta gives us an account of one of her adventures going to and within Crete. Ever experienced, you can find out more about tarot with Magenta or check out the Grown By Nature range on her Etsy page.

Up in the hills, Crete

I have a dear friend who lives in Crete and I thought it might be interesting to share my experiences visiting her a couple of years ago.

I should have known it was going to be an interesting trip this particular time.  As usual, I had my Tarot cards wrapped up in silk in their pouch in my hand luggage.  At Gatwick airport, everything went through the security machines and as I waited for my bag to come through, the security man pointed to it and asked “Who does this belong to?”

Crete view towards Chania airport

I was a bit surprised as I couldn’t think of anything in my bag that would cause concern, but I dutifully said it was mine.  “Take everything out please” which I did.  On seeing my velvet pouch, he pointed to it and asked what was in it.  “My Tarot cards.” I replied.  The look on his face was a picture – what was he thinking I wondered?  “We’ve got a right one here” or maybe “Devil worshipper”?  He asked where I was going, so I explained that I was going to see my friend in Crete and was taking my cards along to do some readings whilst I was out there.  I could see him beginning to soften a little and after answering a couple of more questions, I said “I decided to take Monarch Airlines today rather than take my broomstick!” to which he roared out laughing and wished me a happy holiday, bless him!

Whilst I was out there, my friend and I prepared a meal for several of her friends, many of whom I had not met before. After lunch I did short readings for them, all of which, even though I say it myself, were very accurate.  However, two of the readings in particular stood out though.

view from friends house

With one chap, as he sat down in front of me, I had the distinct feeling that he could read the cards.  It turned out that he couldn’t but his mother had done, so spot on there.  One of the cards he chose though was the Death card, which as we all know does not imply a physical death, but for the first time in over 30 years of reading, I strongly felt it did and it was someone around him.  I felt that the death of this person would benefit him considerably though.  I won’t go into further details of this reading, but afterwards he told me that his ex wife back in the UK was in a hospice and not expected to survive for very long.  When she did die, their house could then be sold and proceedings from the sale would be sent out to him.  She died a couple of months after this and he got his money and has since built a beautiful house up in the hills.

The second reading that was interesting was for another man, who right at the start told me that he was very sceptical about ‘all this’, but as he’d never had a reading, decided to give it a try.  Several pieces of information I gave him were spot on and we got talking for a long time after the reading.  It turned out that he was in the Police before he retired to Crete, in a ‘special’ section and he had had considerable training in reading body language.  He told me that he had been watching me during all the readings and had come to the conclusion that I was a) either the best con artist he’d ever met, or b) totally truthful and honest and what I was saying was not made up.

I took this to be a great compliment and it boosted my confidence as a reader no end.

I always take my cards when I go to Crete as I never know what interesting things it will lead to!

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Larry Gregg · April 29, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Quite an enjoyable read.

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