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Review: Have Tarot Will Party by Jenna Matlin

Reviewer: Joanne Sprott

Have Tarot Will Party by Jenna Matlin

I had heard of Jenna as the Queen of Wands lady and had her website bookmarked, but I had no idea how savvy of a businesswoman she is, and how really good of a writer. I’m here to give my take on her Have Tarot Will Party guidebook. If you have any ideas about reading for the public in general and think you’d like the party atmosphere, this book is a must-have.

Her Instructional Vibe

Jenna has a wonderfully informal, right-there-in-the-room-chatting-with-you writing style. She made me feel like we were across the table talking about best practices for running a party Tarot reading business. She uses stories about her own experiences in the real party-reading world to give you the true deal on how different types of party environments work and what you as the reader, need to do to make this a safe, profitable, and mostly enjoyable business. Even if I never end up doing a party reading, I got lots of great reading advice that I will remember because of Jenna’s engaging style.

The Thoroughness!

No, not boring, just thorough. This lady has plenty of experience with different types of events and the people you’ll deal with (hosts, guests, organizers). Incredibly valuable inside information about what to expect socially, psychologically, financially, contractually.

She has checklists! Which you will need if you want to be successful in this type of business. There are so many variables in different events (and she covers all the different types, from small house parties to corporate galas) that having this book by your side is the only way to avoid all the potential pitfalls (bad contracts, unacceptable reading space, unrealistic time constraints, troublesome guests, etc.). And you are a traveling entertainer, so you need baggage to set up. Organizing yourself is super-important.

The Performance

Jenna does a great job of distinguishing this type of reading from the private, in-depth readings that most Tarot readers do. This is truly for entertainment and time is limited (and you should get paid for all of it!), so she gives great guidance, including reading choreography setups, for the quick types of readings required in this space.

The Energy

The energy of Jenna’s book is very down-to-earth. Most readers may go in with their woo-woo hats on because, well, Tarot reading, but this book is primarily about running just this sort of business. And business and taking care of yourself as the provider of the service, is paramount. Jenna covers all the psychological and physical aspects of running a party-event Tarot biz so you can decide a) if it’s right for you or not, and b) if it is, absolutely everything you need to be a success at it.

As a result of reading this book from Jenna, I am now quite curious to read her book on reading at festivals (more up my alley), because I know from this book how thorough and helpful of a guide that will be. As she says near the end of the book, if I may paraphrase: if you have a passion for Tarot and a bit of a meticulous mindset, you can make a nicely profitable business from party reading. Jenna has given you all the tools and knowledge you need to make it work.

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  • Robin De Danann

    I’m curious – does she offer any tarot game suggestions for getting a party started as sort an ice breaker?

    • Katalin Patnaik

      I (Kati) will paste Jenna’s reply that she has posted on TABI’s Facebook group: ” Hi, um, hmm, not particularly. In most party sessions that I do, I am put somewhere where I do one to one experiences. I have not had the experience of being in a set up where an ice breaker was necessary, but my suggestion is that if you need something like that, then one card draws to a larger group will work. I do cover audience based readings in the it!”

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