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Review by Treewitch

In a change to TABI’s usual reviews of Tarot and other divination decks, this post introduces a deck for journalling and creative writing.

The Wordsmith Deck by Best Self Co

The prompt cards are designed to help release writer’s block and provide inspiration to fill one’s journals. The object is for your writing to become a habit rather than a struggle. There are no rules with the deck – you can simply draw cards in the order in which they arrive, or you can choose from the six categories: Life, Education & Career, Love & Relationships, Self-Reflection, Random and World.

The Wordsmith Deck by Best Self Co

Many of the prompts delve into ethical and philosophical questions, which can spark lively debates within your head (Describe your “God”). Some prompts are intended to coax out feelings from the past, and others present more of a fantasy ideal. Eg. What would you do if you won the lottery? I imagine many of the prompts would be useful to blog writers as well as for personal journals. There are many questions that ask you to look the state of the world, society and life lessons. There are also a few more judgemental-sounding prompts, which were not personal favourites, but certainly garnered interesting responses when I shared them with other people. Something for everyone! I find questions like – What decisions should you have made yesterday? – tend to draw me towards feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. I’ve made it a habit to eliminate the word ‘should’ from much of my life (and to questions posed to the tarot and other oracles) but I realise that is more of a personal angle. Some friends younger than myself, were perfectly fine to have reminders around what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

The Wordsmith Deck by Best Self Co

Here in the UK we are dealing with uncertainty and anxiety as Brexit looms into every area of our lives. There are some appropriate issues to tackle if desired: The most unfair thing about capitalism is … The most unfair things about socialism is … Plenty to grapple with on that front! Of course, as a card reader, I couldn’t resist finding suitable prompts to work with the tarot and there were some that worked beautifully:

Think of a situation that’s currently got you stumped. How would one of your heroes resolve it?
Describe a time when you sabotaged your own success.
What qualities do you admire in yourself?
Where have you been getting distracted in life?
What do you need to do by the end of the year to make this year meaningful?

The Wordsmith Deck by Best Self Co

Overall, the Wordsmith deck provided interesting and thought-provoking questions. I can see how useful the 100 prompts could be when you simply need to get the writing juices flowing. The cards are smooth and study card stock and measure 9cm x 6.5cm, so rather like holding two decks of playing cards.

Available from for $19.99 (this is the UK store but the prices are in US Dollars)

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