Larry Gregg has been a TABI member since January 2019 and shares with us what ignited the tarot passion.

the Grimaud Tarot de Marseille

Decades ago, I bought a Tarot deck, the Grimaud Tarot de Marseille.  It arrived all beaten up, so I complained to the vendor, and was sent another deck!  I think I read the LWB, and another book or two. I did a few readings for myself and friends. Other things in my life took priority, and I put the Tarot away.

Before that, when I was a boy, my sisters taught me to play solitaire. Even then the cards fascinated me, specially the court cards.  I am not sure, now, why I bought my first Tarot deck. Perhaps I saw a movie, like the one with Ray Milland and Marlene Dietrich as the gypsy. Or, perhaps the spirit of the Tarot just moved through me! 🙂

Anyway, after I retired in August 2018, I decided to re-visit the Tarot.  I have been reading books, watching YouTube videos, and shuffling the cards.  Of the books I read, I really appreciate “Everyday Tarot” by Gail Fairfield.  I enjoy watching Magdalena of the “Wolf of Coins” on YouTube.

I bought the CBD (“Conver – Ben-Dov”) Tarot de Marseille and some Tarot bags. I now have four decks, the two Grimauds, Thoth, and the CBD. I have put the original, beaten up Grimaud deck in my backpack, so that it is available whenever I walk to the coffee shop. Sometimes, I even pull it out and do a spread or two. Surprisingly, to me, only two people have ever asked what I am doing.  I guess people here just respect your privacy, even in a coffee shop, or maybe they are just too busy with their own thoughts?  I am impressed with the Thoth deck, but never read with it. I have thought about purchasing an RWS deck, since so many books in English use this system, but I fear I would just confuse myself, as I am learning with the Marseille deck.

Someday, I’d like to become confident and proficient enough to read for others, for fun and entertainment. I like the readings in the TABI forum, of which, some are subtle and wise. 🙂 I thank all the readers who post in the forum.

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