Pyronik has been a member with TABI since November 2018 and undergoing the TABI Free Reading mentoring. This is how it all started.

I have a friend; well more than one truth be told.  One friend in particular who was active as a life coach and that’s how we met, as I was training as a life coach.  That’s relevant to the story because she helped me expand my comfort zone.  She helped me expand it so far that when she said “Tarot cards” I sat & learned from her as she pulled them out time after time in our little “Tarot club” meetings.  It was our usual breakfast & chat club, with cards as an added extra.  She gave us an introduction and explanations, and together we read the cards.  She encouraged us to offer our insights during the readings she was doing with us.  Eventually I asked husband if he’d be okay with me buying a deck…

I’ve bought one deck, back in Nov 2017.  I can’t even remember how much research went into that purchase.  I’m going to say not very much, the right deck found me.  One weekend I didn’t have one, the next weekend I did.  The cutest, least-scary deck I could find.  Lo Scarabeo’s Panda Tarot.  The pictures are so sweet, and the backs have a top and a bottom so reversals (upside down cards) aren’t a thing.  We carried on our Tarot breakfast club.  I started getting familiar with my deck, and doing readings for friends using it.  & yes, I wrote card names on the Major Arcana.  It’s tough being a beginner, and identifying them by the numbers just wasn’t happening.  The different court cards were also tough for me to identify back then.  It gets easier as you get more familiar with your deck, honest.

I became fascinated with the way the cards always have something relevant to say.  This isn’t the scary world of demons that I was led to believe when I was younger.  I’d been so heavily discouraged from any interest in them as a teenager by the Catholic matriarchy of the extended family.  The cards are useful conversation starters when there’s something on one’s mind.  The whole reason for the breakfast club was meeting up to chat.  The cards provided an opening for some more difficult topics.  They also lead from discussing the problem to discussing solutions and strategies, and can provide refreshing insight.

I wanted to learn more and so this friend lent me some of her books.  I got a couple of books of my own, and did a couple of courses.  The same friend convinced me to join TABI and I settled into doing the practice readings and joined in the forum chats.  I enjoyed the challenge of the practice readings, here are people and situations I’m unfamiliar with.  In the supportive environment of the TABI forums I’ve expanded my readings from just a small group of friends to a much wider clientele, and am currently in the process of being mentored as a Free Reader.

When I read at home, I read on the bed.  It’s pretty much the only clear flat surface in the house.  I have far better things to do with my time than housework!  The bed is as close as I come to having a special Tarot area.  The cards always get thanked and put away afterwards.  It makes them unique as a hobby in that I always tidy up when I’m done 😉

I’m so thankful to that friend for patiently encouraging us to join her on her journey into a new interest, to everyone in our little club that helped build my confidence as I started reading.  Thankful too to the TABI members active on the forum for their support, to my mentor for her encouragement & comments, and to the people I read for who give their feedback.  I have this fabulous new interest, and all because when a friend said “Tarot cards” I decided to hear her out rather than run away.  Maybe one day I’ll even buy a second deck 😉

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Larry Gregg · April 29, 2019 at 3:55 pm

Pyronik, thank you for sharing. We all have a unique journey to Tarot.

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